Ed Baggott and Elsie Peterson
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Ed Baggott and Elsie Peterson

Huntsville, Alabama, United States | INDIE

Huntsville, Alabama, United States | INDIE
Band Americana Folk


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"This CD presents dance tunes in their simple beauty; the musicianship is flawless. The spellbinding hang time on the waltz tunes reveals a deep respect for a dancer's potential in interpreting the tune. No musician or dancer could turn down this listening opporTUNEity." - Steve Claus, CDBaby website


CD - "Scratching the Surface", available from CDBaby (or directly from us).




********** Okay, who are you? **************

We are Ed Baggott and Elsie Peterson, and are a fiddle/piano duo, based in Huntsville, AL. Mostly, we play for old-time dances - which is to say, contra and square dances. We also occasionally play at festivals and private affairs.

*** How long have you been at this? *****

Well, as a duo we have been doing it for nearly fifteen years. Me, I have been playing fiddle for dances for over 25 years (wow, time sure does fly).

******** Where have you played? ********

We've played all the regular regional dances, including Atlanta, Asheville (Old Farmers Ball and Grey Eagle), Greenville (River Falls), Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, Brasstown, and others.

We have also played at the dance weekends for Huntsville, Mentone (Birmingham), and have played for the last four years at the Spring contra dance weekend and community dance at the John C. Campbell Folk School.

** What makes you different from other bands? **

Several things.

FIRST - we have a *BIG* sound - we are constantly told by the dancers that we sound like a four or five piece band. No exaggeration - we've heard that over and over and over.

SECOND - we both have done this sort of dancing, so we know what playing for dances requires.

THIRD - we are very simple and efficient - we set up quickly, we get in tune and do sound checks efficiently, and basically can get down to business in a hurry. People handling the sound system love us, as we are easy to mix and never have feedback problems.

FOURTH - we are very experienced, having done this for many, many years now.

FIFTH - well, heck, people have just told us we're GOOD (I'm only passing along what I have heard)

*** Hmmm, fiddle and piano - so you must ***
*** be a "New England" style group then? ***

Not to be disrespectful of the great New England tradition, but we are not so easily pigeonholed. Sure, some of our stuff bears a lot of resemblance to that style, but we can crank out southern tunes with the best of them. In fact, Bob Dalsemer (one of the best of the square dance callers) had said repeatedly and publicly that we are one of his favorite square dance bands.

Basically, we just play tunes that we like and let the music tell its own story, with no preconceptions, gimmicks or tricks. You won't hear us doing cutesy little things like slipping TV themes or commercial jingles into our playing. With us, the melody always comes first. And we are happy to report that both the dancers and callers seem to be very happy to have it that way.

Also, we play *lots* of good waltzes, which is another thing that sets us apart from many other bands.

*** You sound pretty sure of yourself. ***
*** Why should we believe anything you say? ***

I guess that's a fair question. So I would refer you to some of the callers we have worked with and who have heard us, folks like Bob Dalsemer (Brasstown), Diane Silver and Anne Marie Walter (Asheville), Susan Kevra (Nashville), to name a few. Without exception, they have all been most complimentary of our music, and have told us that they would *love* a chance to call for us again. Many of them, when they see us on the schedule, have *requested* to be the caller for the dances we play for.

Check out the audio clips in the EPK and see what you think.

Finally, we also have a nice CD available, "Scratching the Surface" with a goodly sampling of tunes for dancing and for just listening.