Ed Bones

Ed Bones

BandHip Hop

Hip hop music with a personal writing style. Boom Bap beats mainly produced and mixed in-house.


Ed Bones started writing in 1996, and producing in 1999. He worked completely solo until hooking up with Brakefast records in 2004. Setting him apart from other emcees, he writes with a sincerely personal twist, touching on every issue that had touched him, with a unique flow and cadance. He handles every aspect of his own music, including most of his beats and all of his mixing. Influenced by artists ranging from Aesop rock to Jay-z, he has crafted an original and refreshing sound.


Bad Human
Sample Clearance

To listen to snippets from Bad Human, and tracks off of his forthcoming LP, Nothin Is Safe, go to www.myspace.com/edbones301

Set List

Bad Human
You'll Learn
Things I Say to Myself
Destruction of the Bridge (featuring KaOz)
Know Choice