Eddie & the Public Speakers

Eddie & the Public Speakers


This is a rock band that is perfect for any party. They can play all kinds of covers ranging from Led Zeppelin to Kings of Leon, and they also have an impressive catalog of funk/rock inspired covers. Also, their live performances have an energy that not many other Athens bands can match.


Eddie & The Public Speakers played their first show in Athens, Georgia April 19, 2008 at The Ritz. At this time EPS was primarily a cover band. Since then, however, the band has broadened its spectrum by writing original music and playing in many music venues and fraternities around the Southeast. As a three piece act, made up of Edward Speaker, Stephen Taylor and Nicholas Wiles, the band delivers a high energy show that is
characteristic of a power trio. Although the sound produced by this group is very powerful, they still seem to create an intimate atmosphere everywhere they play. While bassist and vocalist Edward Speaker may be the namesake of the band, each member contributes equally in engaging the audience. Constant practice and gigging has developed a cohesive and confident attitude that establishes an exciting show and allows the band to communicate their enthusiasm to the audience. Their fan-base has steadily been growing over the past year, picking up more and more people every show. They now
expect well over 150 people to come and enjoy their music at any of their concerts. Although this band is enjoying their current success in the Athens music scene, they’re always looking toward the future. They are currently working on an album that should help them reach the next level in the music industry. They also just won a contest sponsored by the Classic Center to open for the Atlanta Rhythm Section last December.


"People Being People" - Full length album due out in February '10.

Set List

We usually play 3 hour shows that are a pretty even mix of covers and originals. We have around 15 original songs that we play on a regular basis. The covers that we play vary, but most of them are around the classic rock genre, with many of them being by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and The Beatles.