Eddie B

Eddie B

 Houston, Texas, USA

Eddie B is physical, out of the box style of comedian. He is a natural entertainer with quick wit, funny faces and an hilarious point of view. The stage is his second home and he talks about the issues that people cry about and turn it into laughter. Time for a dose of that stage therapy


He's just gettin warm.....
Eddie B is comedy on steroids! The Houston native exploded on the scene in the last decade breaking the rules and intent on changing the game. While others waited in the wings for a shot at becoming a top stand-up comic, Eddie created his own opportunity with a solo two hour comedy performance. He played to a packed house at his beloved TEXAS A&M University-Kingsville college. There he discovered his disarming knack for physical comedy and began developing the raw, edgy humor that's become his trademark. He's been on a fast track ever since. Today, the self made artist is the most irreverent member of the break through group The “5 Degrees of Comedy” and fans love their funny bad boy. On stage he says what he lives. Eddie's comedy is hilarious, smart, passionate and brutally honest. There's a comic wisdom behind those deep brown eyes. He serves it up with powerful energy. You'll be hard pressed to find a more, well rounded comic. Eddie is a regular at the Houston Improv, and can be seen at other popular Texas comedy clubs including The Laff Stop, Just Jokin Comedy and River Center Comedy Club. Think you're ready for Eddie B? Buckle up. He's about to take you on a wild ride!


Eddie B's two DVD's "Im Ready" & "Eddie B Underground Vol 1" have performances that can be viewed there are clips on Eddie-b.com

Set List

My sets range from 5min to 60min.
Set List; The Music industry, Education, Relationships, Work Industry