Eddie Benitez

Eddie Benitez

 Tempe, Arizona, USA

Legendary Guitarist Eddie Benitez at age 14 performed at the MSG and then CBGB in 1976. Now with Nugroove/Sony Music. One of the last surviving artist to appear at CBGB Benitez and Nebula. His music and story has been shown on the Discovery Channel.


The only Guitarist to be in Googles trend list in the top 50 and 100 21 times i the last 3 years.

Eddie Benitez was born in Puerto Rico and spent his early years in Europe where his father’s work had brought the family.

Eddie’s family returned to the U.S. in the late 60s and settled in Brooklyn, New York., setting the stage for the start of Eddie’s extraordinary musical career. He formed his first band at 12 and began playing and winning Battles of the Band in Brooklyn. That got him noticed and signed with the premier Latin Jazz label, Fania Records.

In the summer of 1976 Eddie was launched onto the world stage with his debut concert at Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 fans as part of the Fania All Stars. He was just 14 years old. His first album Nightlife, was released that same year and promptly went gold. Eddie Then Appeared at CBGB as the First Latin rock punk Artist to appear at CBGB on ThanksGiving Night 1976

In 1983, Eddie signed with the innovative label, Island Records. He has performed with legendary stars such as Barry White, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaria and many others, throughout his career.


Eddie later gradually returned to the music world and wrote music over the years for many dance acts in the mid-80s through the early 90s. Ultimately he returned to writing and performing his own music. With the 2008 release of “Lovers Never Say Goodbye” Eddie began enjoying the acclaim of a whole new generation of fans in addition to his long-time, loyal audience around the globe.

2009 brought a New Era for Eddie Benitez’s music, as “Visions of Angels” was released with NuGroove Records.

Rumors continue to swell that when Eddie performs live, angels are seen on stage by many in the audience. Fantasy or true? Eddie has always insisted his music is directly inspired by angelic communications. He invites fans and skeptics to find out for themselves by listening by coming to a show, or even by just listening to his music with an open mind and heart.

The life story of Eddie Benitez is one filled not only with music, but with tales of spirits, angels, demons, healings and hauntings: yes, even hauntings.

The Discovery Channel & Eddie Benitez: One of Eddie's claimed encounters with the dark side was dramatically recreated in an episode of The Discovery Channel's hit series, “A Haunting.” In the episode titled “Casa de los Muertos,” Eddie's battle with an evil entity possessing his eldest son is reenacted with one of his other sons, Julian, playing the lead role. The battle was eventually won with a brief but dramatic exorcism performed by Eddie, the same kind he learned from his late mother, a healer and exorcist herself. Now seen in over 66 countries.

Don't miss this exciting episode in Season IV of “A Haunting,” available on DVD and in frequent re-airings on The Discovery Channel. Eddie's music forms the soundtrack for the episode, including a track called “A Haunting,” available on his CD “Lovers Never Say Goodbye.”


Night Life Fania records 1976
Essence of life Fania records 1977
Spirts Island records 1981
Guitar works Tiaramusic 1985
only you 1990 tiaramusic
Dreams within 1995 Tiaramusic
Hold on 1999 tiaramusic
Lovers never say Goodbye Cav records 2007
Visions of Angels 2009 Nugroove/Sony music.