Eddie Bluestone and the Gypsy's Sons

Eddie Bluestone and the Gypsy's Sons


Eddie Bluestone & The Gypsy's Sons, (Bluestone) are a group of musicians that have paved their own way musically. This four piece, Blues-Rock band, delivers a concert atmosphere where ever they play.


Ed "Bluestone" Conover, Lead guitar and vocals. Ed has been working in the music industry since 1976 and will definitely grab you attention with his high energy style! Ed has three solo albums available in the native american community. He has been teaching music since the 1980's and currently owns and runs a sales and repair custom guitar shop "The Guitar Cabin" out of lenhartsville. Ed's true love is the blues and you will definitely hear that in his playing!
Mark"Midnight lightning "Erney, Bass guitar and vocals.He has been playing since he was 10 years old and spent alout of time with his instrument. Mark is a very talented young man with a strong love for the blues. Lou"the wrench" our newest member has been blowing harmonica's for over 35 years.been in countless band and is a truly high energy man into jazz and the blues


2006 BMI
"Eddie Bluestone Live in the City of Tiny Lights" 2007 BMI
Also available on DVD at: http://www.filmbaby.com/films/2529

Set List

A super crowd pleaser is Bluestone's Jimi Hendrix tribute set, it rivals any other Hendrix tribute. They also have been supporting, at every show, their first Live DVD (Live in the City Of Tiny Lights).

Bluestone's show is designed to take you on a musical Blues history journey. Groups like this don't come your way often, the musicality and dynamics of the band are second to no one. You owe it to yourself to experience Bluestone.

The artist list includes, Robert Johnson, B.B. KIng, Muddy Waters, John lee Hooker, James Cotton, Albert Collins, Lonnie Brooks, Bo Diddly, Link Ray, Buddy Guy, Jr. Wells, Elmore James, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, and so many more...!