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Eddie Cole

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
Band Folk Gospel


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Fantastic independant release - he's just set the bat to a whole new standard!"

(It's the apocalypse, baby album review)
This is a fantastic album, from a true musical genius. The songs are impeccably written, and cover everything from folk rock to funk, to jazz and everything in between, with some interesting concepts covered. Everything here is heartfelt, it is passionate, and so for this reason it makes for easy listening.
The guitars on this record are immense and they create such height and depth on songs like Rusty shack and Trouble of the world that you are on a constant rollercoaster throughout the whole listening experience. Admittedly, there are times when Eddie Cole’s voice comes across a little too brash for me, bringing to the table at times a gutteral sullen sound, and others an enjoyable, pleasant one, but the record is of a fantastic standard – there’s no doubting that.
With female backing vocals on some of the tracks, mostly from Amer Rose Longfield, and some interesting play with overlaying the vocals to create dusty old record sound, this music is captivating.
Some of the best tracks to look out for in my eyes are Trouble of the world and Like fur Elise, but I do think this is an album that everyone will look at very differently.
Wonderful musicianship, fantastic arrangements, awesome songwriting and an integral use of it all – for an independent release this has set the bar to a whole new standard.
Following this line for a follow-up album I’d like to see more tracks like Rusty shack – adopting the funky groove he’s explored here instead of the mellower approach he takes to some of the tracks. There is no doubt this an is a magnificent songwriter – all it would takewould be the right person to pickup one of these songs and he’d be on a whole new route to success…just make sure he plays the guitars!! LB
- Maverick magazine (UK)

"AMRAP feedback"

I am a presenter at Highland FM 107.1, a community radio station based at Mittagong, about an hour and a half south of Sydney. Each week I present a folk music program and a midday program.
In the latter I try to play music not heard on the local commercial station or the ABC and I especially like featuring Australian artists.
I received your first CD - "I Know What's Going On" - some time back and have been playing tracks from it on a regular basis, with positive feedback.
I just received a copy of your new CD from Amrap, and I must say I am very impressed! I feel it is better than the first (although I still love "Henry the Cat"!).
I will be featuring it regularly over the next few weeks and
hope I get the same positive feedback.
Keep up the good work. Who needs overseas performers?
Bob Cady

- Bob Cady, Highland FM


Still working on that hot first release.



Comments on 'Groove Eddy Overload':
“I love it” Fran Kelly, Radio National Breakfast host
“It's stunning - lovely tunes matey…” PBS Breakfast spread

Velvet voiced drifter Eddie Cole is the child of a privileged background who eschewed it all to become a rambling man, joining a strict Christian sect and living in a shack in the hills working menial jobs to support his young family.
He eventually found a niche teaching guitar, doing small time gigs and performing in church where he formed the nucleus of his band. Beginning with drummer and guitarist Nigel Picknell the others joined over the next few years arriving at the current line up heard on the recordings here.
He's released a number of independant projects, most notably 2010's 'Groove Eddy Overload', an ABC Radio National album of the week, and 2008's 'It's the apocalypse, baby'.
He has shared the stage with folk luminary Kristina Olsen and Australian legends Diesel, James Reyne and Brian Cadd.
Currently he's completing tracks with the band as funds become available through grants and savings to produce his upcoming work 'The graveyard of the forest'.