Eddie Dollaz

Eddie Dollaz

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Eddie Dollaz (stands for) E-Every, D-Day, D-Dwelling, I- In, E-Existence. D- Don't, O-Over, L-Look, L-Life, A-At, All(A-z)


Leader of the "New School" 23 year old rapper Eddie Dollaz, born Edward Naranjo, in Lansing, MI. He began rhyming at age 14, but never started too push his material until the end of 2006. Unlike most rapper's today, Dollaz is not motivated by monetary or material gain or the ever present here today, gone tomorrow , sell a million ringtones, now I'm a boss, flash in the pan success the majority of the new generation of Hip-Hop is infactuated with. To him, His purpose is to give people what no other person in this world can give, which is a blue collar, hard working individual, who emodies the true meaning of preserverance. He raps out of pure passion and from the heart.


All songs written by Eddie Dollaz:

1. Oh Boi
2. Izzy Ziggy Zurpo
3. Song "Bout Nuthin"