Eddie Felker

Eddie Felker


I'm a Boston based singer songwriter whose style is probably best described as folk-rock or acoustic pop.  I'm just trying to play songs that will make you folks feel something good when the song is over... And hopefully that something isn't, "Good...  It's over."


Eddie Felker is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who has been performing around New England since 1998.
Born and raised in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Eddie started singing with his family on long rides in the car and then with middle school and high school choral groups. In 1994 Eddie headed to a local music store, where he bought his first guitar.  Back then, he was a living room rock star. "I had little interest in writing songs or playing out. The guitar was just a fun way for me to pass the time."

It wasn't until returning to Boston after a couple years of working in Miami that Eddie tried his hand at songwriting. A friend encouraged Eddie to play his songs at a local open mic.  "One night, after months of procrastination, I overcame the fear and got up on stage. Afterwards, I was shaking, but a voice in my head was screaming, 'You have to do that again!'"

Eddie's music ranges from driving folk-rock to delicate ballads, sometimes finger-picking and sometimes strumming like an angry rock star. "I like to play to the audience. Good energy between the performer and the listener is essential. When I'm in sync with them, it's a great experience for all of us."

His lyrics are playful and often poignant. His subjects are based on real people, real experience, real life. His songs revel in the highs of a long happy marriage, and seek the light of hope against the darkness of addiction. "Music heals. We hate pain while we are living it, but we love to sing about it when we've grown strong again. I am trying to write songs that make people feel better about their own lives.  Those songs might not change the world, but I hope that when people listen, they'll come away from the experience feeling good."

Eddie has played venues from Portland, ME to the Florida Keys.



Written By: Eddie Felker

Together - Eddie Felker - ©2004

Here we come, the Bride and Groom
And not a moment to soon
when fruit's ripe for pickin'
you best not wait too long

The best man's lost the wedding rings
the cake's falling over
you can't control everything
we won't need a miracle if we run out of wine

who cares if there's rain or sunshine
this day is yours and mine to keep forever
we're gonna be together

Five years later, two more mouths to feed
One happy family, it's all we need
no one said it would be easy
but I don't think it's so bad

before we know it the kids are grown
just you and me again on our own
I can't sleep, babe
It's too quiet in this house

who cares if there's rain or sunshine
these days are yours and mine to keep forever
we're gonna be together

Nothing's perfect,
nothing ever is
except for these vows we'll keep forever
we're gonna be together

Here we are at 82
My eyes are tired
But never to tired to look at you

Every year's been time well spent
Each one has been heaven sent
My memory may be fading
but there's still one thing I know

there's been a little rain but a lot more sunshine
these days are yours and mine to keep forever
we're gonna be together


Self-produced all acoustic EP - Demo CDs are also available.

Set List

A typical set at most shows consists of about 45 minutes of originals with an occasional cover thrown in. Example:

Lessons of Love (upbeat pop feel)
Wandering Alone (upbeat folky)
Summer Street (ballad)
Shelter (funky pop rock)
Kinda' Got Used To It (bluesy parable)
Slow Dance (soulful ballad)
The Letter (upbeat folky)
Together (sappy bouncy love song)
Shallow Water (rock tune... opposite of "Together")
Waterfalls (acoustic cover of TLC's hit)

I do play occasional all-cover tune gigs and those run the gamut of everthing from Van Morrision to Dave Matthews to Jimmy Buffett to Incubus.