Acoustic/Folk/ Rock; lyrics to awaken the mind. Music to enlighten the soul. Kinda like, if you had a "mind meld" of John Lennon, U2, Midnight Oil, Bob Dylan.


Learning to play the piano at the age of nine Eddie soon trancended onto the guitar at twelve. Singing and playing guitar with garage cover bands through school. Then becoming an ordained minister, a family man and "back to the lander". Now, some twenty five years later Eddie is an accomplished musician, a master woodworker,is a published poet and published songwriter. So fully submersed into the art of music. Which he defines as "Biorythmic Alignment". His music reflects on life and death with an acute observation of the world and people around him. Striving to invoke a yearning of the soul. A yearning he believes will encourage people to love our heavenly father and respect the creation of life. With a message of "Love One Another". His musical compositions tend to balance the human rythm and psyche. What sets Eddie HansEddy apart from other artists is simply the development of his own style and individuality within the art.



Written By: Edward Hans Ellingsen

When I was a young man, twelve years after I was born
I was ready to set my life, take the bull by the horns
There were many plays and fantasy’s I soon did find
Many trials in my life that were breaking my mind
I listened to the music it was driving my soul
It seemed my life was spinning out of control
But I had my dreams I was chasing day by day
It was life I was tasting, I was trying to find my way
And my eyes... are getting wider
Life.., is getting colder
Time... is on my shoulder
And I’m... getting older(in my life)
I was wild and free and wanting for it all
But I was just a baby learning to crawl
Soon I left home,I left home like a thief
I was just 15 now living on the street
I learned to steal and lie and be fast on my feet
I found the cost of freedom does not come cheap
It was the call of the wild and the wild it did call
But soon found myself running behind the eight ball
And My eyes... are getting wider
Life.... is getting colder
Time... is on my shoulder
And I’m... getting older
I have known the love and I have known lust
Only memories remain of what’s left in the dust
It is better to have loved and not missed that train
Still I fmd myself wishing I was there again
What was in the past is now goodbye gone
What was once in the moonlight, was not with the dawn
It seems with our pleasure we must bear the pain
But when it comes to love, without there is no gain
And My eyes... are getting wider Life.. .is getting colder
Time... .is on my shoulder
And I’m.... getting older
Now I’ve grown much older with one foot in the grave
I’m looking at my life and the bed that I have made
I cannot change the things that I might regret
I find comfort in the words forgive and forget
So when that time comes and the ringing the bell
I pray I pass to heaven, cause I’ve done my time in hell
The lessons in my life have helped me to be strong
It’s hard to believe, has it really been that long9
And my eyes are getting wider
Life . . .is getting colder
Time...is on my shoulder
And I’m.. .getting older

Written by: Edward Hans Ellingsen


Written By: Edwar Hans Ellingsen

IN YOUR EYES On a warm winter morning, new moon was in the sky
You came into the world, and into my life
No one could be happier, than me at the time
You looked at me and I saw the wonder, of life in your eyes
(Bridge)> (Verse II)
You face, it was the face of innocence
Your smile, was one I would never forget
Your life had just started, it all lay at your feet
You held my finger with your hand I said, You’re always safe with me
And as I help you through, the chapters of your life…
That’s when I look at you, and see me…….In your eyes…….
Learning, harder than it needs to be
Sometimes, life seems like a tragedy
No time, no time for the things that we want to do
I’m always searching, for the right words, to say to you
(Chorus)> (instrumental)
And as I help you through, the chapters of your life…
That’s when I look at you, and see me…….In your eyes…….
Living…make the most out of your life
Dying…I will have to leave here sometime
Always remember, always keep me inside
Just look into the mirror and you will see me behind
And as you carry through, the chapters of your life
I will always be with you…You will see me …in your eyes…
Oh …Oh…..in your eyes…..

Edward Hans Ellingsen
AKA (Eddie HansEddy)


I am a published unsigned singer/songwriter. I presently have 32 songs that are registered,and I hold all rights to all songs.

Set List

Mostly I play my original songs.
My typical set list has a mix of original and cover songs. I usually have three sets that last 45-50 minutes.With a 15 minute break in between. I have a repertoire of 250 + songs. Classic and folk rock with some country and bluegrass played on acoustic /electric guitar.