Eddie Huffman & The Legendary Soul Stirrers

Eddie Huffman & The Legendary Soul Stirrers


One of the most respected legendary Gospel Groups in the world, which has spawned many great singers to the pop world, starting with the Legendary Sam Cooke. Eddie Huffman keeps that sound and traditional style going for the 21st century. Bookings:info@Ambassadorsofamericanculture.com


The Soul Stirrers have been around for decades. Many fine Gospel, Pop & R&B singers have done stints within this fine group, and other Gospel groups have made it to notoriety by copying the Soul Stirrers style. It is difficult to put into words the many accalades this group has received over the years however what pretty much sums them up is that, In 1999 the Soul Stirrers were inducted into the Rock -n- Roll hall of fame. Today, this legendary group is still impressing audiences of many genres with their smooth harmonies and gritty soulful stlye of singing. Eddie Huffman has been the driving force and singing lead for the Soul Stirrers for 32 years & listening to his lead vocals on their new album, shows nothing has changed from his smooth Sam Cooke stlye singing since he joined the group back in 1974. The Soul Stirrers are still making their way into the history books and still singing joy into the lives of Saints & Sinners alike.

Ambassadors of American Culture and Tom Wiggins are happy to continue our long standing booking and tour relationship with this great group representing the Black American Art Form of Gospel Music ,the very Roots of Blues, Jazz, R&B & Rock, it is one the USA's greatest contributions to World Culture. Not to mention where it all began.

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These are just a few Recordings you can enjoy Eddie Huffman's great vocals on.

Heritage Records vol's 1 & 2.
"I've so much to be thankful for."
"Time has made a change."
"I will travel on."
"Gospel legends."
"Gospel Parade of Stars" (dvd).
(Soul Stirrers collectors edition. )
" I'll try to get home."

Set List

The Soul Stirrers have an enormous repertoire of great Gospel hits, and a typical concert will consist of a high energy concert show of 90 minutes.