Eddie Keith

Eddie Keith


Songwriter, singer, sideman. Often compared to David Wilcox, James McMurtry,Willy Porter, Warren Zevon. Writes like Prine, delivers like Johhny Cash, Warren Zevon, Bruce Cockburn, plays guitar like Michael Hedges and Willy Porter. Put them all in a blender and you get Eddie Keith.


Grew up in South Alabama soaking up Folk, Americana, Roots, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Rock…you’ll hear it all in his music. He is, after all, a musical traveler and is as at home with a mandolin or Martin in his hand as he is with a Tele, or Les Paul.

His solo shows are a real clinic in capos, partial capos, altered tunings and a really aggressive right hand. He has a vocal delivery like he is channeling a very old soul, and Soul it is!

Ed brings it with a ‘look you right in the eyes’ delivery. He writes like Prine, full of stories that make you say, " me too..." He sings like a combination of Johnny Cash, Bruce Cockburn and Warren Zevon … big voice, big man, Big Love. His approach to the guitar is like a cocktail of Carl Perkins, John Fahey, Michael Hedges and Jimmy Rodgers. Powerful voice, powerful lyrics, powerful guitar.

Ed has shared the stage and studio with Johnny Neel, Leon Medica, Dan Dugmore, Fayssoux McLean, Will McFarlane, Edgar Winter, Bruce Hampton, Shawn Mullins, Jeff Talmadge, Robin Bullock, John Gardner, Brad Davis, James Casto, Kenny Neal, Malcom Holcomb, Etta Britt, Paul Martin, Andrea Zonn, Jimmy Hall, Savoy Brown, Marshall Tucker, Bruce Hornsby, The Dregs, Hank .Jr, Ronnie Milsap, Bobby Bare, Freddy Dollar, Steve James, Danny Khan, Dave Craver, Derick Firworda, The Chappells, Edwin McCain and on and on… and the journey continues. Acoustc Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro, Bass, Lap Steel, Banjo, and always a Big Smile…


Lovers Death Row
Pain Pride and Promise
Man Oh Man
Cheap Date and Fine Wine
Big Love Project

Set List

Set 1
Nothing Left But Leaving
Known World Ends
What A Mess I'm In
Everywhere I Go
Lovers Death Row
Come And Go Reality
Hey Old Friend
Hole In My Heart
Soft Place To Land
Charlie Karma
I Am Just A Traveler
All Along The Watchtower
Times Are Tough

Set 2
Changes Are Coming
More Or Less
40 Days of Rain
Closing The Circle
Modern Day Noah's Ark
Unremembering You
My Old Friend The Blues
Folsom Prison
Come Together
The Water Is Wide
Somewhere In The World
Driving In The Rain
A Mothers Love
Simple Things

Sets are 60 minutes each