Eddie K.

Eddie K.



Eddie is a Hollywood actor, among many other things. He lives in a
mission field that reaches the world with what it produces and greatly
influences the value systems of that world. Eddie is here to have an
influence in this industry through movies and music, and he's
passionate about taking these mediums and using them to speak to
audiences of all backgrounds on issues of faith and morality. He
believes that the screen and the stage are the pulpits of this
generation. His heart is for the unchurched and lost on the fringes of
society. Let him come and ignite a fire in your church for this new
wave of ministering to the lost and give you a burden for the mission
field that is Hollywood.

His first instrument was the ukulele. This was appropriate for a boy
of Hawaiian blood. Soon he learned a few chords on the guitar. At the
time he was attending a small church that sang songs accompanied only
by a tamborine. The pastor asked him to bring his guitar and play when
they sang. Only knowing 3 chords and knowing hardly anything about
music theory, Eddie sat there on the stage plucking away on his guitar
for trying to figure out how to play the songs. After months of this,
Eddie not only learned how to play the songs, but he'd discovered music
theory, which he would use for the rest of his musical career. He then
began playing and singing for churches and small groups. Throughout
this time, he began to write music of his own, music that spoke his own
heart. Eddie's songs speak on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual
level for the common man. Having a multi-ethnic background, he is
influenced by many genres of music, including hip-hop, reggae, pop and
folk. On the side, Eddie also pursues an acting career, currently
playing Aladdin at the musical at Disney's California Adventure, and
does modeling work for various companies. He also wants to produce
movies with messages that will inspire and challenge those who see
them. His hope is that all who see and hear his work will be lead to
choose the road less traveled. The road of God's love.


All the Time

Written By: Eddie Kaulukukui and Darwin Moody

Verse 1:
Tuesday morning, I'm waking up in LA
Cali sunshine raining down upon my face
I'm Rip van Winkle, too bad it's only in my dreams
'Cause emptiness won't let me sleep

I went chasing, I went running, I went trying to find something else in
this life
I was racing, I was hoping, I was trying to find what was right there,
right there all the time

Verse 2:
Two years later, I'm waking up in Hollywood Hills
It's the good life, the life I always wanted to live
Who would've known that I'd still feel incomplete
This search for truth is eluding me


Spoken Bridge:
It's like one day I'm dreaming with big desire to reach my goals
Empty inside so struggling, and trying hard to reach those far shores
With a one-track mind I run to the dreams I hope will quell this soul
I had to make it; I couldn't live this entire life unwhole

But things didn't turn out like I expected
I guess the stock took a dive of the hopes I invested
But it's not like I didn't hit the bigs, rubbing elbows with the filthy
rich kids
But it's just that once I did...

The void remained, got frustrated
I said, "I thought this void was supposed to leave when the money came!"
Then what's this life all about; if I don't have the answers, how 'r
they found out
And if I'm not on the road to success
Where is this secret route

Then like magnets to a metallic source, my eyes were to the sky
I saw the one who's been calling me for all this time.
It isn't about the money, or even my lofty goals seen achieved
But I'm seeing that You're the One who satisfies, and You're all I need

This new focus has fully changed my skewed perspective
It's like a new life with new eyes but now being eternally perceptive
With new hopes and new dreams to fulfill
I'm walking with a skip in my step; the status of that void... huh
You know it's filled.

End Chorus:
I went chasing, I went running, I went trying to find something else in
this life
I was racing, I was hoping, but now I have found what was right there,
right there all the time
He was right there all the time
He was right there all the time