eddie lovechild thomas

eddie lovechild thomas


i would i have a ministry in music ,and when i sing you can feel the anointed.pepole tell me all the time they love the way i sing.i sing to uplift that hurt in somebody life. i also been told am what the record label is looking for. i just love to see pepoles happy .


it all began over 12 years ago the lord open up the his song book to me .why i say song book is because he gave me so many to sing ,i can hear some musicand put words to it, the lord gave 11 songs all original. i also been to the apollo in new york in 2001 me and the lord made my frist cd emmanuel , am on cdbaby and itune, for me i love to sing for the lord . caues it alot of hurting pepoles .so a will be around for a long time if it;s god's will.. i have been on the march of dimes over 7 years . and hosts on local shows &church. if you hear some of my music you will fall in love it.. thah's what i've been told so many times


i have 1 ep i have track on cdbaby itunes am also playing on my local radio wnla1380 am wesyam1580

Set List

lean on the lord[ remix] son's going shine again remix] emmanuel . let's praise lord, i just pray there, lean on the lord. son going shine again. let'sworship. been talk about.that man . nobody