Eddie Martin

Eddie Martin


"One of the UK's finest guitarists and singers..what gives him the edge is the sheer quality of his songwriting and power of his performances" Venue Magazine. Roots rock blues and acoustic performer-songwriter with 9 rave-reviewed cd's on international release.


"Easily the best .. guitarist this country has produced since Clapton" What's On In London, "among the UK's most respected ..musicians..a sassy combination of house-rocking slide and Buddy Guy like pyrotechnics" The Times "Excellent.his blistering live sets are the stuff of legend" Guitarist
"Whether playing as a one-man-band, in a trio or big band,Eddie Martin excels". Blues in Britain.
"A Blues Master" New Jersey Times "The scoop on Martin is that he is special" Blues Revue USA
"deeply influenced by American folk musicians..Martin very soon brought them under the wing of his own distinctive styling and quickly built a reputation not only for his skill but also for the authority of his playing" NME

Born in London, Eddie Martin wrote his first songs aged 12 and, influenced by acoustic and rock singer-songwriters from both sides of the Atlantic, turned professional after being nominated for Best British Blues Guitarist, Band and Album between 1996 and 1998. Since then he has built a strong following as a solo artist and charismatic band leader, he has also recorded and performed with many greats from both sides of the Atlantic, including John Mayall, Peter Green, Buddy Guy, and Taj Mahal.

Distributed worldwide, often by major labels (eg Universal and EMI) his acclaimed 9 cd's and new DVD are on his own label, Blueblood Records.
His prolific recording and touring schedule takes him from his native UK all round the world to major events - first touring the USA to some acclaim in 1999. Recent years have for example, seen his big band headline the Colne International Rhythm and Blues Festival in the UK, his trio perform at the prestigious Cahors Blues Festival in France, and attend the World Harmonica Festival in Germany where he performed solo, held a harmonica masterclass and judged the world blues harmonica competition.

He continues to record numerous live and studio sessions for national radio programmes (BBC Radio 2 in the UK). His songs have found their way to the finals of the International Songwriting Competition and to the song stable of Alligator Records.

His live performances have always attracted accolades. "the stuff of legend" said Guitarist Magazine this year,"a live act not to be missed" said Blues Revue USA. 2007-8 saw him continue touring through 2007-8 with his powerful roots-rock trio and one-man-band to promote his current releases on Blueblood Records, "Contrary Mary" .
For 2009 he has also re-formed his Big Band featuring the Little Big Horns (Mick Jagger, Bad Manners etc).

His solo guitar style has developed into a percussive blend of traditional blues slide and fingerpicking styles with flamenco rasguerdo techniques. These he combines with rack harmonica playing and foot percussion in the style of the one-man-blues bands such as Duster Bennet, Joe Hill Louis and Dr Ross.

In his band playing, his influences include: Freddy King, Albert King and Buddy Guy as, for example, "the Times" has noted. His guitar-playing alone has seen his cd work commended by the Guitar Press around Europe, recieving "excellent" tags from "Guitar" "Guitarist" in the UK and "Guitar and Bass" in Germany.

Most strikingly innovative is the simultaneous rack harmonica and guitar style that he has developed and which caused the International Harmonica Federation to single him out as one of the innovators on the instrument at the World Harmonica Festival in Germany.

A master songwriter, acoustic and electric guitarist, harmonica player and powerful singer, Eddie Martin has been described as "the most remarkable blues man of his generation" by Blues in Britain.
More information available at eddiemartin.com and bluebloodrecords.com


Someones Making Money

Written By: Eddie Martin

Someone’s making money, and I know it isn’t me. Someone’s making money, and I know it isn’t me. Somebody stole the honey from this little worker bee.
This little dog’s been barking up an empty money tree. This little dog’s been barking up an empty money tree. Or while I slept the sandman came and stole my chance of luxury.
This fat cat with a mansion said "Play for me and here's the deal, all that you can drink, I'll even throw in a meal."
Yeah someone's making money and I know it isn't me. Someone stole the honey from this little worker bee.
I went to schools and colleges, studies hard got a good degree. But I chose Blues guitar and educated poverty.
Yeah someone’s making money and I know it isn’t me. Someone’s making money and I know it isn’t me, somebody stole the honey from this little worker bee.

Something For Nothing

Written By: Eddie Martin

From the very first day we meet the world,
Every little boy, every baby girl,
As soon as their little hearts start a-pumping,
They open up their mouths wanting
Something for nothing.
Something for nothing,
Everybody’s got the same fantasy, drop those freebies right on me.

Way back in history, all them kings and queens,
Big shots on account on what’s passed on in their genes.
But when Mary Antoinette said “let them eat cake” she didn’t know the people had sealed her fate for wanting
Something for nothing,
Something for nothing.
Well the queen might be a cute antique but I won’t earn in my life what she earns in a week.

Oh you know some of my friends are dumping on dumping on me,
Taking, taking, taking screaming “me, me, me”.
Nobody likes to count when the favours notch up,
But I’m telling my friends that enough is enough.
Something for nothing,
Oh something for nothing.
I’m telling my friends not to put me down.
If they don’t learn to give, I don’t want them around.

You know some right-wing politicians just coined this phrase,
With a bee in his bonnet and maggots for brains,
Before another rich man wants to take from the poor,
I want to know how much he got for just being born.
Something for nothing,
Oh something for nothing.
Oh parasites are rife everywhere I go
They’re wearing pin-stripe suits and carrying mobile phones.
Something for nothing,
Oh something for nothing.
Oh I’m telling my friends not to put me down,
If they don’t learn to give I don’t want them around.

(Spoken) “They just want something for nothing, I can’t take it no more.”

Watching the Weather

Written By: Eddie Martin

Does the wind tire of blowing?
Does the sea need a leader?
Do the tears stop flowing
from one age to another?
Do the scales of justice hold?
For one just one tribe of old?
Or are we all growing, fighting big
And growing, fighting small?

Don’t ask me
but don’t tell me either
I’ve got no raindance
I’m just watching the weather

Sharks are circling
Scent of blood draws them near
The fog has lifted
Revealing storm clouds up there

You can point the finger
I’d sooner lend a helping hand
Seems there’s a tide of anger
Washing black upon the sand

But don’t ask me
and don’t tell me either
I’ve got no raindance
I’m just watching the weather

Keep your prayers and your certainties
I’ve grown fond of this space round me
where I can see
What will be

Are we dancers in a minefield
headed for oblivion?
Innocent walking wounded
With no answers for the children?

Don’t ask me
but don’t tell me either
I’ve got no raindance
I’m just watching the weather


VIDEO Clips from new DVD "Live at the Wharf"(cat Blueblood 011,) street date March 2nd 2009, on www.eddiemartin.com and YOUTUBE

CD's: BB001 "Solo in Soho" (1995), BB003 "Blue to the Bone" (1996), BB004 "Fires and Floods" (1997), BB005 "Live in the USA" (1999), BB006 "Keep on Working" (2000) BB007 "Pillowcase Blues" (2001), BB008 "Ice Cream" (2003), BB009 "Play the Blues With Feeling" (2005) , BB011 "Contrary Mary" (2007/8) distributor: CADIZ Music and worldwide associates (including Fontana/Universal Canada). More reviews and sales at eddiemartin.com and bluebloodrecords.com

Set List

Mainly original material
shows: sets 45 - 60 mins duration, 1 to 3 sets per show