Eddie The Gun

Eddie The Gun


Blondie meets No Doubt at a Berlin reunion


“A super star in the making”- Hollywood director Deon Taylor

“So sexy that she jellifies the legs of every boy and girl watching”- NME Magazine

Eddie the Gun (aka Camilla) moved from her native Norway to England when she was just 17, where she went to college and studied music for three years. Before becoming Eddie the Gun, Camilla was the frontwoman of “Doll’s House”, which in 2007 won London Tonight’s “Best Unsigned Band”.
Just recently, Eddie the Gun moved to America from the UK, and she is already poised to be the next big music sensation to hit the states. Embodying a completely unique brand of “sleazy rock and roll” that differentiates her from other artists currently on the American music scene, Eddie the Gun’s music has already been embraced here in the US: Her song “Don’t Be Afraid” is the theme song to Chain Letter, a Deon Taylor film coming out THIS October, for which James Cameron did all of the 3D and Special Effects. Two other Eddie the Gun songs are also featured on the film’s soundtrack: