Eddie Turner & the TrOUbLe TwINs

Eddie Turner & the TrOUbLe TwINs

 Denver, Colorado, USA

w.c. handy blues music awards nominee for best new artist 2006. psychcodelicious urban future blues - 2011 best contemporary CD BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE AWARDS
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About Eddie Turner
..Otherworldly.., ..scorching.., ..polyrhythmic.. and ..chilling.. have all been used to describe Eddie Turner..s guitar playing. His ethereal style is an amalgam of the Afro-Cuban rhythms of his heritage and the music that influenced him as a teenager: Chicago blues, jazz, r&b and psychedelic rock. The Cuban-born singer/guitarist cut his teeth in several rock bands contributing what Slate magazine describes as ..spacey-yet-resounding solos... Now he again emerges on Miracles & Demons
Eddie ..devilboy " Turner picked up his first guitar, a candy apple multi-pickup Japanese Tiesco, when he was twelve. Raised in Chicago, he moved to the Rockies in the early 70's to attend the University of Colorado; ..a ruse,.. he says, ..to get my parents to keep sending checks... More inspired by music than by academia, Turner immersed himself in the local scene, and stints with some notable acts ensued. He played in the region..s first punk/r&b band The Immortal Nightflames, then with Grammy nominees Tracy Nelson, Mother Earth, and the 4-nikators, a group which has become legendary for its unique mix of soul, Motown, and rock. Turner got the chance to grab at the brass ring when Colorado compadre Tommy Bolin left his band Zephyr to form The James Gang and Deep Purple. He eagerly joined the hard rock, psychedelic, blues band as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. But, tragedy struck with the sudden death of Zephyr lead singer Candy Givens. Deeply shaken, Eddie decided to ..grow up.. by taking a hiatus from performing music to become a realtor in Denver.

Yet, some people just refuse to ..grow up... A decade later, when Eddie was invited to join the Ron Miles electric band led by one of the countries premier trumpeteers, he jumped at the chance. Then, in 1995 he rounded out the Otis Taylor Band adding what Guitar Player magazine describes as ..otherworldly atmospherics (which) lend a decidedly cosmic ambience to Taylor..s sound... Enhancing the spice and flavor of the trio, Eddie recorded the five groundbreaking CDs, and toured the U.S. and Europe extensively.

Today, Turner evolves as an artist with his third solo effort . Produced by Kenny Passarelli, Miracles & Demons showcases Eddie..s vocals and songwriting. Running the gamut from blistering guitar rock to the gospel-tinged, the 12-song disc dazzles with the chops and techniques Turner has developed over the course of his unusual, genre-melding career. Miracles & Demons is evolutionary music - and quite grown up, indeed.

a cross between muddy waters,jimmi hendrix
considered to be one of the "best blues guitarists"
by others....( not me !) reviews support this vain claim.


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Set List

set list includes songs from the cd and a few covers
by johnny guitar watson,freddie king & jeff beck