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eDDie Velez is in one word - dynamic! His presence on the mic is that of a prizefighter. His innate ability to capture a crowd with verbal word play and charisma is unique. A true lyricist who’s rhyme style is high energy and melodic. He is a much needed voice in the Hip Hop culture.


eDDie Velez, a.k.a. Da’ Preachin’ Puerto Rican, is an ordained minister who serves as the Senior Director of Youth Development at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church where his spiritual father Bishop Eddie L. Long is the Senior Pastor.

For the past eight years he has used his gifts of HOLY HIP HOP, and the teaching of GOD’s word, to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Hip Hop culture World Wide. His ministry has been featured on national media such as, BET, CBS News The Early Show, C-SPAN, and Tony Brown’s Journal, to name a few. In January of 2002 he was invited by Coretta Scott King to be a guest speaker at the Annual Martin Luther King Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. In front of many dignitaries, including the First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush, he gave a compelling speech on how Dr. King’s vision cannot die within the Hip Hop Culture.

He currently hosts the nationally syndicated Holy Hip Hop Radio Show, and is also the host of the Holy Hip Hop Video Show, which runs on the I-Life TV, MBC, and UATV Cable networks. eDDie also serves as the Chairman and CEO of the Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop, Inc.; a Georgia non-profit organization that focuses on ministering the finished work of Jesus Christ to the Hip Hop culture.

He has been married to his beautiful wife Anna for 16 years, and they have been blessed with five children, named Brandon, Shaun, Bronte, Beija, and Bryson.


eDDie Velez
Da' Preachin' Puerto Rican (self titled EP) featuring the hot joints - Holy Hip Hop Forever - Can I Get A... - Lord I Remember - Double Edged Shank

eDDie Velez was the featured rapper on Brent Jones and The T.P. Mobb's hit single "Goodtimes"

He also collaborated with his pastor Bishop Eddie Long, Shekinah, and the voice of Dr. Martin Luther King on the hot single "Freedom".