Eddy Bayes

Eddy Bayes

 New York City, New York, USA

Eddys songs draw from personal experiences and are sung from the heart. His lyrics incorporate thought-provoking metaphors (“blister on your tongue is gonna eat up all your words” - I Know), his passionate voice encourages the listener to keep coming back for more.


Eddy Bayes is a songwriter first and foremost. His unquenchable desire to document the beauty within pain keeps him tirelessly writing, performing and recording. He began his musical career back in England playing at his local pub with musical legend ‘Herbie Armstrong’ (Guitarist for Van Morrison), ‘The Fountain Inn’ provided a community for all musicians to play and develop music, Many great artists continue to pass through this gem in the south of England. Like many young songwriter, Eddy performed in various acoustic groups and bands, touring along the south and playing up in London.

Since moving stateside he has been constantly developing his musical style and performance. With influences from John Martyn to Beck to Tracy Chapman to Peter Gabriel Eddy’s sound although rooted in acoustic has been growing evermore eclectic. His solo release is titled ‘Miscellaneous’ and can be heard in full at www.soundcloud.com/eddybayes. It can also be purchased at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/miscellaneous/id661250123

Currently performing and collaborating with Cellist Abi Loutoo, (from Miami and other lands) together they hope to conquer the U.S.A with a compassionate outlook on the community of music. The most recent release from Eddy and Abi is the first of a series of ‘Live at home’ music video’s. This can be seen here:

Eddy is also a member of the rock band ‘Arc & Stones’, Bassist, Vocalist and writer along with three other good


- Wonderful Tonight (Single) 2011

- 'Arguments and Anecdotes' (Album) 2011

- 'Miscellaneous' (Album) 2013

Set List

Changes depending on Gig, enough material for a 3 hour show