Eddy Delcastro

Eddy Delcastro

 Lisbon, Lisbon, PRT

Delcastro is a remarkable project formed by singer/songwriter Eddy Delcastro and a group of professional musicians. His music is influenced by the Blues, Rock and Folk. If you like to hear true stories, told through powerful melodies, then Eddy Delcastro will blow your mind and melt your heart.


Eddy Delcastro is a singer/songwriter from Angola. His music is influenced by the Blues, Rock and Folk .

Over the past 10 years, Delcastro has kept his eye open for the right people to form his Band and has never given up on his dream. In 2009, after overcoming as many years of struggle and disappointment that life could throw at him, he finally met the group of musicians perfect for his sound. With extensive experience in many projects, they immediately recognized his potential and offered him the proposition of starting a project that would combine his genuine talent and experience with their knowledge and expertise.

On behalf of the Delcastro Project,

We thank you.

The Band is formed by: Eddy Delcastro/vocal and acustic guitar, Ivan Martinez/guitar, Jonas Cruz/bass, Rui Caetano/ keyboards and Paulo Bandeira/drums.


Delcastro hasn't released a record yet.

Set List

Set-list ( approximately 1 hour and 20 minuts set ), of original material.

*Life in the fields
*My old man
*Hard times
*The home you from
*Litle faith
*In the rain
*Lonely dreamer