Eddy Fontane

Eddy Fontane


My music is a genre gumbo, rooted in soul and R&B with hints of rock, pop, and other styles of music. Can also be described as Deep Soul Fusion.


Eddy Fontane, born in Atlanta, GA. and raised in Dallas TX., renews and redefines the essence of great music by fusing southern soul with a variety of musical genres. He began his career singing in church and later in singing groups during his teenaged years. After high school, Eddy attended the University of West, GA, where he received a B.A. in Psychology. During this time, he honed his song writing skills when ever he had a chance, thumping on an old, used bass guitar.

After college, Eddy dedicated his life to making music, creating a refreshingly distinctive sound that was unmistakable when heard. As a naturally gifted writer and producer, Eddy began to win the hearts of fans locally and the respect of his peers, building a name for himself in music circles all over Atlanta. In April, 2007, Eddy caught the ear of two time Grammy Award winner Cee-Lo Green (of Gnarls Barkley) and was offered a recording contract from Cee-Lo’s, Radiculture Records. Since his signing, Eddy has been vigorously working on his upcoming debut album as well as songs for other artists.

In an age of quick fixes, easy solutions and mediocrity, Eddy stands apart from the rest with his soulfully smooth voice and his thought provoking and heart-piercing lyrics. He has given all of himself in an effort to give the world a break from the struggles of everyday living. He wants his music to be a reference for everyday folks - medicine and therapy...

Set List

My typical set lasts about an hour. We do about 8 to ten songs, mostly originals with a few covers. I have close to a hundred songs so the ones i perform vary. There are a few I do regardless, they are: "2 Shots", "Live Wire", "Open Door", "I Want You", "Heartbreaker". I do limited covers that vary, but "Rocket Man" and " Ain't Know Sunshine" are a couple of favorites.