Eddy Khaimovich

Eddy Khaimovich


Contemporary Jazz, derived from the tradition, but influenced by classical and world music. Packed with a variety of musical colors and harmonic and rhythmic palletes. It is widely applicable not only to musicians, but to wider audiences, not only limited to music afficionados.


Eddy Khamovich Group, formed in the fall of 2006, has quickly established itself as one of the premier young Jazz groups in New York City. Its musicians come from different corners of the world; Israel and Belgium represented. The quartet melds these cultural differences into a unique blend of sounds and influences, with each musician contributing their individual voice and style to the collaboration. Their repertoire consists of originals and new arrangements of standards, with improvisation and spontaneity being primary goals. Believing that beauty and experimentation can musically coexist, the Eddy Khamovich Group is constantly searching, working to express their diverse points of view through this great traditional American art form called Jazz.

Set List

Our typical set list is consisted of about 4-5 songs, 6-10 min. each and a set lasts between 40-50 min. We usually have two sets per show.