Eddy Quinn

Eddy Quinn


Inspired by the people of his Island home, as well as his own personal experiences, Eddy offers a local perspective on universal themes, such as love, death and the realities of the world around us. He paints pictures with his words and stirs emotions with his melodies and powerful voice.


For over fifteen years, Eddy Quinn has been living his passion for music. From country to celtic, he has become one of PEI's most endeared entertainers. His musical journey has taken him all the way from the stages of smokey bars to the esteem of an ECMA nomination. But after all the awards and wonderful experiences he has enjoyed, his proudest accomplishment has been his progression from singer to singer/songwriter.

Eddy began his career at an early age singing in a country band. Inspired by the music of his father, he then decided to change directions and formed Fiddlers' Sons, playing the traditional celtic and folk music of PEI. As he grew both musically and personally, Eddy gradually entered the world of songwriting. During the long days driving a garbage truck, his day-time gig, his thoughts and memories would comsume him. Lines would start flowing and most were scrawled hastily on the back of a call sheet, covered in coffee stains and diesel fumes.

Like most songwriters, Eddy appears quiet and reserved upon first meeting. But as his songs reveal, there is much more going on behind his awkward grin. His sometimes deep and profound insights, coupled with his ability to connect with the average listener has paved the road for a journey of music and emotion.

Eddy's musical influences are too numerous and varied to list, but you can hear something of all of them in his work. This makes pinning him down to one genre somewhat difficult. His repetoire and origianl compositions draw from Celtic, Folk, Country, Rock and even Bluegrass. It makes for a pleasantly unique sound that coupled with a strong voice and magnetic personality, is a package that continues to win over audiences of all ages, everywhere.

With no dreams of stardom, but for a pure love of sharing music, Eddy will continue to sing and write about the events and people in his life that inspire and touch him. If he is able to inspire or touch atleast one person with his words and music, then he is happy.


Eddy Quinn - Outside of Sneakers Lounge (2005)
Fiddlers' Sons - The Beaches of Home (1998), Changing Times (2000), Eagles Fly (2004), Shoulder of the Road (2007)

Set List

- 2 or 3 45-50 minute sets, as required.
- depending on the setting of the gig, set list is comprised of original, traditional Celtic & Maritime and songs and fiddle tunes with some country thrown in