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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Pop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review: Eddy – Start an Uproar"

I have no idea how music finds me. I honestly don’t. Sometimes, I just open my iPod and there’s stuff on there that I’ve never seen before. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.
Okay, maybe I hyperbolize a hair, but not by much. I’ll give you a good example. Today I downloaded Tenpole Tudor’s and Skyclad’s versions of “Swords of a Thousand Men.” A tad campy by both, but the chorus … “Hear our roar, hear our sound. We’re gonna fight until we have won this town. Hoorah hoorah hoorah yay! Over the hill with the swords of a thousand men.” This is potentially the Buffalo Sabres’ goal-scoring song. Philly, Rangers, Boston … all have goal-scoring songs. We don’t. We need one. This fits the bill perfectly. So I downloaded birth versions to test drive them and see what I think. There’s definitely potential.
But that’s not why I’m writing, is it? I’m writing to review Eddy’s four-track EP, Start an Uproar. To be honest, I have no idea how I found her. I just did.
OH! HI! I just made the connection. Maybe it’s not that I have no idea how all this great music finds me, but it’s more the fact that I’m just forgetful as hell. I was checking out TUAW’s website on my lunch break, hoping to get some info on the upcoming iPhone 5 (or whatever it’ll be called). Sifting through their news blurbs, I found one about some chick who shot a video using nothing but a bunch of iPad 2 devices. I haven’t checked out the video yet due to company policy on streaming media (which in all honesty I do stick to since this company was gracious enough to offer me a writing position. I dont’ even use their wi-fi to run my iPhone; it’s all 3G baby!), but I have every intention of checking it when I get home, which will be in a few short hours.
Anyway, this news blurb had a link to Eddy’s website, with whom I was heretofore unfamiliar. Her website had me curious. At first glance, she looks a bit like Maria Brink. ???The pictures on her site give her a furtive, “Ha ha … I know something you don’t know, and I’m not gonna tell you what it is” look. An air of mystery! Being the sucker for intrigue that I am, I downloaded her four-song EP from iTunes and gave it a listen. Here are my thoughts.
Where has this chick been hiding?! I’d say “the kitchen” solely because it says right on her website that she bakes cupcakes, so I’m not being sexist or funny–she very well may have been hiding behind her culinary expertise. But apparently while she’s been concocting confectionary delights, she’s been dabbling with making some *extremely* catchy tuneage for us to enjoy. The opening track on the EP is “Rise Up,” and I will tell you this much: if you’re sitting down while you’re listening to this, you will want to jump out of your seat and move and shake it like you never have before. It has “dance club remix” potential like nothing I’ve ever heard. Granted, I don’t listen to a lot of dancey music, but this … even *I* want to get up and dance around.
Her voice oscillates between bold and stormy, and wispy … like cirrus clouds on a deep-blue sky sunny day. Strong when the track is up and moving, soft and gentle when
“Beautiful Mistake” opens with a great piano hook that follows up with some synth strings and bass line. We’re treated to a complete shift in vocal dynamics, where she shows hints of channeling Lacey Sturm (of Flyleaf fame).
In short, I don’t know what her future plans are, but her long-term plans are more and more music. If her website is any indication, new music is possibly on the way. The video she shot on the iPad 2 is for her song “Need,” which is *not* on the EP. GOOD! Like I need to mention it, but this gets filed under “shake” with an emphasis on GET UP AND MOVE IT!
Eddy, if you end up reading this, leave the cupcakes. Embrace your inner musician and keep the tunes flowing!
The end. - Frissonic


Eddy – Atlanta, Georgia
Last week, I was going through all of the Sonicbids submissions that we have received to date and I stumbled across this artist, Eddy and at first listen…I was immediately “blown away” to say the least.
Eddy is a party of individualism and dance. She writes about things that we all think about but turns these issues of insecurity and substance into a party. You can compare her to any of our pop divas but she is singing about substantive issues that even a jaded non-individual such as myself can get down with.
Make sure that you check out the Daily Unsigned “Exclusive” single, Metaphysical below!
- Rob Daily - Rob Daily


First EP "Start An Uproar" was launched on itunes, napster, amazon, iheartradio, emusic, and zune July of 2010

Single "NEED" released March of 2011 and was featured on on over 200 blogs worldwide- stretching from United States, Mexico, UK, Asia, and Australia while being featured on blogs such as The Next Web, MSNBC, Mac Stories, The unofficial apple weblog, pc world, dvice, gizmodo, Kessler, and zocial.

Single "Metaphysical" Released September 13, 2011

To see music videos for Rise Up, Need, and Let It Go - Check out the YouTube Page.



Eddy is a paradoxical pixie. Don't be fooled into measuring the strength of her vocals or the depth of her lyrics by her woodland sprite size. She may be 4'11" in stature but there is nothing small about her music; melodic poetry sewn together by contagious hooks and powered by rhythmic, electronic pop-rock fusion backgrounds.

When she delivered the first music video ever recorded with the Apple iPad 2, it was an immediate runaway success (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUfxclbWavE). Eddy was on over 200 blogs worldwide- stretching from United States, Mexico, UK, Asia, and Australia while being featured on blogs such as The Next Web, MSNBC, Mac Stories, The unofficial apple weblog, pc world, dvice, gizmodo, Kessler, and zocial.

Since Eddy's latest single in March of 2011 she has had the honor to share the stage at The Gramercy Theater in NYC with platinum artist JoJo, Kimberly Nicole, Nina Sky, and Niki Jean. http://vimeo.com/26722132

SO after all that long mumbo jumbo.. to sum it up..

Eddy is a 4'11ish journal collecting cupcake baker with an affinity for the scratching noises on old records who is more than a little unclear on exactly what her natural hair color is and a singer/songwriter/procrastinator extraordinaire who definitely wasn’t a screamer for a hardcore metal band when she was 15. Nope, she definitely was not..