Eden Ants

Eden Ants


EDEN ANTS fuse art-spiked indie rock with post-punk. Their last release was hailed as "perfect pop" by Canadian Musician and "svelte crunchy rock that clobbers you with sincerity" by NOW Magazine. Their latest disc with NYC production duo Macchiato Kids (Bowie/Cure) hit #1 on Toronto campus radio.


"clobbers you with sincerity" - NOW MAGAZINE
"perfect pop" - CANADIAN MUSICIAN
"edgy post-punk" - CHART MAGAZINE

Toronto's art-spiked EDEN ANTS fuse indie rock with post-punk and pop, composing a sound that is unpredictable, idiosyncratic, and totally charming. The quintet's 2005 release, “hole.punch.litter” EP, was hailed as "perfect pop" by Canadian Musician and "svelte crunchy pop rock that clobbers you with sincerity" by NOW Magazine. This March, Eden Ants launched their follow-up “Take What You Want” EP to a sold-out crowd at The Rivoli. The anticipated new disc was produced/mixed by NYC super duo Macchiato Kids (David Bowie/The Cure/Talking Heads/Brazilian Girls) and features guest keyboards by Dave Fingaz Williams (K-OS).

Some of EDEN ANTS' recent accomplishments:

- 'Take What You Want' hits NUMBER ONE on CIUT 89.5 Toronto (Sept 2007) - charts for 5 consecutive weeks
- 'Take What You Want' hits no.15 on CKLU 96.7 Sudbury, no.19 on CKXU 88.3 Lethbridge, no.11 on CKMS 100.3 Waterloo, and no.20 on CFBX 92.5 FM Kamloops, BC (August-October 2007).
- 'Take What You Want' is No.79 on the Canadian National Campus Chart (Sept 2007).
- Virgin Festival/Heavy.com/Edge 102.1 Canadian Contraband semi-finalists.
- Best Indie Rock winners @ Toronto Independent Music Awards 2005.
- Top 10 Finalists in the Edge 102.1 CMW Xtreme Bandslam 2006.
- Charted at no.6 on CIUT 89.5 April 2006 (hole.punch.litter EP).
- Performed at Solo Mobile S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival 2006, North by Northeast 2006, The Beating Heart Festival 2006, Indie Week 2006 finalists, the EYE Weekly Canada Day Indie Stage @ Downsview Park 2006, and Canadian Music Week 2007.

In the heat of it all, EDEN ANTS continue to host their own very successful bi-monthly residency at The Rivoli entitled Pop with Brains, a showcase event featuring the best independent bands and D.I.Y. artists in Toronto and beyond while raising charity scratch for CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). EDEN ANTS are currently promoted on-air by EDGE 102.1 Toronto, Q104 Halifax, CHRY 105.5 York, CIUT 89.5 Toronto, CKMS 100.3 Waterloo and their busy website, www.edenants.com, which receives more than 1000 visits and 500 song downloads per month.

Founded in 2000 by the Montreal-born Ender brothers, EDEN ANTS is fronted by the swaggeringly enthusiastic Adymm Ender on vocals, lead guitarist & support vocalist Rob Ender, the hard-hitting drummer in the city Ryan MacMaster, Joe False on bass, and new addition guitarist Wolfgang Miller. With cultivated influences including David Bowie, The Clash, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, The Dears and Relaxed Muscle, the relentless group have tailored a distinctive style that balances street-savvy rock n roll with gutsy pop. EDEN ANTS recognize that the best way to see the future is to invent it. Though the future may be a scary place, they're prepared for any possible outcome. Except this one: an End.


Wear Off Of Me

Written By: adymm ender - SOCAN 2006

oh! those things you do-oo-ooo
to forget who you actually are
i can't shake you out of my head
what are you doing in there?

and sure sometimes the things were good
i mean sometimes i was a jerk
i just had to give you away
now saturdays are never the same

you think you'll ever be happy
by sleeping around like that?
you think you'll ever
wear off of me?

oh! those things you do oo oo
to forget who you actually are
you cant shake him out of your bed BED BED
what is he doin' in there?

i heard you're always in some corner
withour honour withour grammar
so i promise to never give in
to another night on sullivan

do you think you'll ever get
by sleeping around like that?
you think you'll ever

wear off of me?
wear off of me?
wear off of me?
wear off of me?
wear off of me?
wear off of me?
wear off of me?
you think you'll ever....

you know i'd fix you if i could

I Can't Swim

Written By: adymm ender - SOCAN 2007

i can’t swim
i won’t wait for my ship to come in
we don’t speak
cuz we're night animals in the lake

i can’t tell
if i'm kissing your face or your tail
we can’t sex
on the surface in our life-jackets

let’s hold our breath & go under
& not come up until we have cover
& some answers

i can’t swim
i can’t win no-oo
cuz my siren is pulling me in
i can’t see
but i know you by your anatomy

i can’t tell if i'm under your hex or your spell
we can’t sex
on the surface in our lifejackets

& what if we get caught?
in love in the water
what if we get shot?
in love in the water
i can’t swim


Written By: adymm ender - SOCAN 2006

i'm not in the mood
for anything right now
no coffee no cigarette
no tv no!

i'm not in the mood
for any pain right now
no rock no rol
no bone no! bone!

some people say that being kind will return
in some other form like a stranger's hello
but i've seen the end
the truth of it all
we're skin & bones

you say that's i'm selfish
and can't see past my nose
but i was the one that realized you were gone
and knew we'd return to a place for us all
for skin & bones

i'm not in the mood
for any talk right now shh
especially not your dirty dirty dirty lipstick orchestra

i'm not in the mood
for any tricks right now
no rock no roll no fuck no bone uh uh yeah

we're skin & bones
we're thin & broke
we're skin & bones
we're skin & bones
we’re sticks & stoned
we’re skin & bones
we’re skin & bones
god help us all
we're skin & bones.


Take What You Want EP - (2007)
01. Big Bank$
02. Wear Off of Me
03. Catcallin'
04. I Can't Swim
05. Bones
06. Preservatives

Hole.Punch.Litter EP - (2005)
01. The View From Here
02. Moving Out
03. Advertisements
04. Some Hope for Us
05. Karaoke Bar
06. Circles & Squares

Losing Touch EP - (2002)
01. Halogen
02. Losing Touch
03. Survive (Club Mix)
04. Urban Flatline
05. All In A Breath
06. Halogen (Nuclear Sky Mix)
07. All In A Breath (CO2 Mix)

Set List

Typical Set (35 mins):

Big Bank$
Oh Nicole!
Blew Up The Sun
Wear Off of Me
Enjoy it With You
Deerest Needs Dee Rest