Eden Burns

Eden Burns


A breath of fresh air in a cookie monster world.


Eden Burns was incarnated in October/November of 2004 with George Maalouf, Dave Worley and original bassist Jimi Grempler. The band spent the first nine months writing and recording thier first album (self titled) "Eden Burns" and released it on October 4th of 2005. The band soon found themselves playing many shows in the MD/DC/NoVA area opening for major recording artists such as The Misfits, Overkill & Powerman 5000. Over the next couple of years Eden Burns concentrated on playing shows all over the east coast participating in many festival type events including Nikstock in upstate New York(2007 & 2008) and supporting benefit concerts for music education & breast cancer awareness.
In March of 2007 Eden Burns released a limited edition ep titled "Other Peoples Music" as a hold over until thier next album was released. Continuing to play extensively in the region the band found themselves at a very difficult crossroad. In October of 2007 Eden Burns had to part ways with Jimi Grempler (due to scheduling conflicts) and brought on Dave Laymon from Indiana to fill in the bass player position. Within a month Dave was playing his first show with Eden Burns at the legendary and now defunct "T.T. Reynolds". The band played a few more shows for the remainder of 2007 and after the new year Eden Burns began writing material for thier new album titled "...forever yours,".
The band concentrated on the writing process and pre-production work from January to early March. In mid-March they began the tracking process for the new album and wrapped up in late april. In May the guys took a few weeks off so that they can have a fresh approach to mixing process of the album which was finished by mid-July. On July 6th of 2008 Eden Burns began a supportful relationship from 98Rock (97.9fm) in Baltimore, MD. With live interviews and support play of two song "Lunatics" & "For My Own" 98Rock promoted the release of Eden Burns new album "...forever yours," and hosted thier CD release on September 22nd 2008 at Fletchers in Baltimore, MD.
Eden Burns plans on touring regionally throughout 2009.



Written By: George Maalouf

Godspeed all you fucking lunatics
What’s left for you to deny
Holding on to what does not exist
Craving all you cannot find
Falling down your slope
Grabbing on lost hope

All you medicated zombie creatures
Waiting for your new design
Common places are the new world stages
For the worthless to become divine

Are you ever gonna be the savior
For the cross you have denied
Or will we just go on living like strangers
For the rest of our short lives

All these struggles in which I must fight
Somehow all lead back to you
Could it be that you cannot accept the fact
That I’m a different force than you
All this time you knew
Running from the truth

Till The End Of Time

Written By: George Maalouf, Robin Maalouf

I may not be here for long
But there’s one thing that you can depend on
That the time we spend apart
Takes its toll upon my heart, longs for your touch
On my knees I will pray
That you’ll change your mind someday
Looking back instead of forward

I’ll always be there for you
Till the end of time
Even if your heart won’t be true
You will still be mine

When I think of you at night
I remember how we would make love till the morning
Then I recall yesterday
When you looked at me and said, It’s time to let you go
In my dreams you will stay
As the distance grows each day
And our time is getting shorter

Every day I think about you
Are always on my mind
Every minute I live without you
Are living another lie
Living apart now
Tearing my heart out
Dammit please stay
Just don’t go away
I’ll try my best to fix this mess
If you leave me
I promise soon
You will pay

Too Many Days

Written By: George Maalouf

Well I never got to say goodbye to you
Days are quickly passing by
Waiting is all I can do
Wait for that day when I can be with you
Wait for that day can I wait for you

Too many days have gone by
Since you left this world alone for me to face
How many days will go by
Till we meet again in a better place
Holding on, can’t let go
Holding on, can I ever let you go

Will the pain die and leave like you left that day
Such a long, long time ago
I wish you could have stayed
It’s been so long since I’ve seen your face
It’s been so long would you still know my face

Sweet April sun
Rain will come
And wash the pain away
Can I hold on one more day


Eden Burns (Self Titled) (LP) 10/04/2005 (Independent) Available on iTunes, Rhapsody, CD Baby, Best Buy & Many more online retailers.

Other Peoples Music (EP) 03/25/2007 (Independent) Limited Edition

...forever yours, (EP) 09/22/2008 (Independent) Available soon on iTunes, Rhapsody, CD Baby, Best Buy & Many more online retailers.
Radio Play: "Lunatics" & "For My Own"

Set List

Typical 40 minute set list:

American Dependents
Till The End Of Time
Too Many Days
One More Chance
For My Own
So Long, Farewell
First Day In Hell