Eden Fineday

Eden Fineday

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Personal pop, sung beautifully, with witty, intelligent lyrics and a fresh perspective.


Eden Fineday is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has been making music since 1993. A Cree Indian, Eden was born on the Sweetgrass Reserve in Saskatchewan, but was raised in Vancouver, BC.

Eden has played in many bands over the last fourteen years and collaborated on different projects. Her first band, the What-Nots, formed in 1995, in Santa Cruz, California, where Eden was living at the time. The What-Nots recorded two full-length albums, which were released on Fiver Records and Flying Harold Records, respectively. Eden shared songwriting and lead-singing duties with Phil Sherwood for this project. At the same time Eden played in an all-girl band called the Peggy Hills. The What-Nots broke up when Eden moved to France in 2000.

While in France, Eden got a phone call that would change her life – her brother had been found dead in his apartment at the age of 33. The news was devastating to Eden, and she turned to songwriting as a way of dealing with this very painful loss. During the rest of the year Eden spent in France, she wrote 13 songs that would form the basis of her next band upon her return to California, One Fine Day. Although One Fine Day did do a demo recording, nothing came of it, as Eden decided to move back to Vancouver in 2003 to be closer to her family.

Once back in Vancouver, Eden sought out an old friend whom she had met while living in Santa Cruz, Becca Stewart. With Becca and two other girls, Cc Rose and Megan Johnson, Eden formed a new band called Vancougar. In 2004, Vancougar won CiTR’s battle of the bands, SHiNDiG!, which enabled them to record their debut album Losin’ It!, released by Scratch records in 2005. Since then they have been signed to Mint Records and released their sophomore album, Canadian Tuxedo, which has been been very well received by critics and has received college airplay internationally.

In spite of having a very busy band in Vancougar, Eden has many songs that she has never recorded and that are not a good fit for Vancougar. She would like to begin a solo career, which would be the vehicle for these songs. She currently has 27 songs, which she is in the process of re-learning and organizing.

Eden won a grant from Music BC that allowed her to record a three-song demo. She is also in the process of demoing her songs on Garage Band, and continues to do that at home.


Once In A While

Written By: Eden Fineday

Once in awhile I miss you, but not that much
Maybe your look, your style, but not your touch
Once in awhile you took me to great heights
But most of the time, I lay awake at nights


Oh, oh, oh

Now I walk the streets with one eye cracked
Hoping to find the one that will look back
Someone who lives and loves me with great heart
‘Cuz I’ve spent enough time tearing my whole life apart

Things Get Better

Written By: Eden Fineday

Things Get Better

I met you almost 10 years ago
You didn't know it but I wasn't doing too well

Strung out on grief and lost in a foreign land              
Just killing time and trying to understand
What had happened

You came along at the end of the year       
Unpretentious and kind, you were just what I needed
In a friend

We'd go for coffee or take long walks                    
I never told you because I couldn't talk about it

I thought things would get better         
But first they got worse
Things would get better
But first they got worse
Oh, worse

Back in California I got my degree
Then watched my life fall apart around me

I'd gotten caught up with strangers                    
who wanted to die
They inspired me to give it a try                          
But I survived

I thought things would get better         
But first they got worse
Things would get better
But first they got worse
Oh, worse

How can I prove that life is good?
How to explain I feel no pain?
How do I show the change I've made?         
It happened inside & it took quite a while
It happened inside & it took quite a while         

Fast forward to last week I'm cleaning my place
Going through boxes that I haven't been able to face
In quite a while

I come across a postcard signed with your name
And something in me sings with the mem'ry of same
There's no shame

So here I am friend, writing to you                               D,Bm,A
I hope your last ten years have been transformative too

Thank you for living and sharing your light                    
I didn't know you for long but what what you gave me was life
It was life

And things they got better
After they got worse
Things they got better
After they got worse
Things they get better


3-song demo, recorded August '08
Garage Band demos

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