Santiago, Santiago, CHL

Thick guitars, pounding bass and powerfull drums through heavenly vocals


Survived by founding member Daniel U, Edenial's evolution and the quest for a sound and style has come to a shore. Thick riffs, pounding bass, hammering drums through heavenly vocals. Metal Fusion by choice Edenial recently released From The End a fistful of 12 songs featuring this quest. Following critically acclaimed 311, which showed a glimpse of this sound, From The End grasps this mixture and raise it to a new level.



Written By: Edenial

So long so much has passed
Can I already start
Go and get some more
Early to bed what for

So much obscurity
Forbidden to begin
Lie lie what for
Don’t wanna shake no more

Ooo Don’t wanna shake no more
Ooo I really need some more

Many times I had to run and seek, Make desire crawl under my will
So deluded left untold, so convinced I had to ignore

I don’t want that shit no more


Written By: Edenial

It is a new dusk near to loneliness
By my window I feel the warm autumn breezes past by
The songs of the rain above the wind
In the trees they start to whistle

The leaves start rising and they
become lost in the blizzard of a new decline

What a beautiful feeling of warmness and noise
The rain cutting the wind,
that wind that in music, it becomes


Written By: Edenial

You know know I’m not lying
this’s so misguiding
But I love to win

Look for no one to go through
Can’t see no future
In the state that I’m in

Well I don’t get it I don’t really understand
The now we chose is always pushing me away
You pretend to put a smile on my face
There’s no room for you here on this old bed

If you know me you should know that I am free
The important part is that you’re looking here at me
Don’t you dare put my freedom far from here
I’ve created all this without a doubt and tear

Then I will go on finding
Something more granting
Somewhere I could hide
So far so far from here
Where no one is near
Out there we could try


Edenial - 311 EP ( 2007)
Edenial - From The End (2010 )