Eden Row

Eden Row


Eden Row is a post-punk pop band made for MTV's TRL - a la Sum 41, Good Charlotte, A Simple Plan, and Foo Fighters - while their live show is as crushing and explosive as old Van Halen!


Hailing from the city of Boston, MA, Eden Row is an explosive four-piece band at the forefront of modern pop-rock music. With hook-laden songs, monster melodies, and fiery rhythms, Eden Row exhibits a unique chemistry and unparalleled dynamic. Eden Row is pushing the boundaries of their predecessors and defining the next step in the evolution of post-punk pop. Intelligent songwriting, intense emotion, and amazing live shows define this highly driven band from Beantown.

Since the March 7, 2003 release of the much anticipated EP, “Dizzy”, the band has been diligently promoting itself with live performances and radio airplay throughout the Northeast region. With rising CD sales and an ever growing collective of fans, Eden Row is proving to be an unstoppable force.


EP "Dizzy"

Set List

Teen Magazine
Tell Me, Tell Me
Crossed The Line
Goodbye To You
Blame Me
About A Week
Good Enough
The Summer Song
No Parking Spaces
Call Out Your Name