Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

We hate most music on the radio, so we started writing music we like. We hope you like it to.


Many things can be said about Eden Sharmaine’s performance, music, and lineup but one word holds true to every element of their group; that word is unforgettable.

Hailing from Oklahoma City, Eden Sharmaine is Evan Crowley, frontman and guitar; Jon King, lead guitar; Ryan McGuire, drums; and Josh Simpson, sax. It is the product of several Oklahoma Native acts including Vannadine, The Taking State, Up From Under and national recording artist Subseven. Eden Sharmaine draws influence from indie, blues, punk and experimental music creating a style that is uniquely their own. They successfully released their debut album, Our Fathers, which is an extremely vivid painting of the current state of society in America. With songs like Sending: Receiving, Eden Sharmaine exploits the day to day difficulties of modern day Americans working just to stay alive.

While the deeply committed to traditional punk rock lyrics, lead singer Evan Crowley still adds a personal feel to many of the lyrics throughout their songs. Although Crowley does a majority of the lyrical work, the band maintains an autonomously democratic approach to songwriting and most members have classical or technical music training. Every member of the band contributes to the process of writing songs. Eden Sharmaine also records and produces all of their own material, accentuating their ability to personally shape their sound. In booking shows to support the release they have packed out local clubs such as the Conservatory, VZD's, Coca Cola Center, Bricktown Live, Cox Center, and Edmond Jazz Lab.

Eden Sharmaine maintains a great effort to leave long lasting impressions on their concert goers. A large portion of their on stage presence has been developed to tell their story. Fans and other concert goers can expect lively energy and unexpected theatrical additions to the music that they have come to enjoy.

Eden Sharmaine plans to continue bringing their story to audiences, recording, and logging hours in front of music enthusiasts everywhere for years to come.



Written By: Eden Sharmaine

we're like bonnie and clyde
we keep our guns to our side
but our hearts on our sleeves
we're like two peas in a pod
and yet we'd never fallen off
of the tree of the limb
or the stem of the leaf
and i never wondered why you came
but all i know is now things aren't the same
i talk like i'd done forgot how i'd ever loved you baby
sweet whisky and wine and a hunger that makes me
follow you till the ending of time
lines that are vacant, open and sedated
my wounded heart would never be taken again
so don't breathe with your lungs
or you say with your words
the first line was taken i looped and replayed it but it never did feel the same
it felt like a western got the best of my nature i guess it's the game that we'll play
you're only sorry when cuz we're over
you're only sorry cuz we're done
you're only angry cuz you'll never know
you'll never ever know


Written By: Eden Sharmaine

say hello to 11th hour points of change,
to hawk eyes and the suddenly deranged
it's the way that i move, it's the way that i do
and i ain't gonna change for nothin baby
this is nothing new, should come as no surprise
so i think it's time i say
last call for you
don't bring it back to me
i think it's time to say
i think we've come to far
for me to say what i need to say
so it's
last call for you
you say your mind is gone
i'd say your heart is gone
i can't believe you really thought
i'd let you win this one
maybe we could break and we'll start this over
make we could make up this october
forget it! it's over.
ten till two and i think i've had enough
ten till two and i think i'll call your bluff
it's over baby.
slow it down
slow it down
so you can understand my point
slow it down slow it down
this is our final call
last call


Written By: Eden Sharmaine

i felt the fire it made me weak
i counted hours turn to weeks
days to nights and nights to this,
a city caught inside a kiss
between the lips of modern time
between our widening fault lines
a city born inside a myth
i never thought it'd come to this
i felt your waves of motion beaming through the dark night
i felt your heavy ocean changing tides and i just can't find
what to believe or what to feel
can this be real is it sincere?
i can't believe it's happening
good God it's happening

did you think this city would last the night?

i felt your wave of motions
i felt the heavy ocean brew
its weight in fire and foil
its weight in iron and soil
i felt the masses moving
each person clasping hand in hand
each one in perfect meter
each one was singing clear

did you think this city would
cure the cold
and make the weather weak?
bury the old?
and bring the new to speak?
we're canceling time just to make us see the irony
we're burning hearts alive
just to be loved and
feel loved inside.


Written By: Eden Sharmaine

closing doors and walking out
never made much sense to me
but i'm tired of the chord striking harder and harder
seems you took the best of me
just say you'll never tell
secrets that never fail
words in conflict
we don't belong here
just say you'll never tell
our story has no ending but i've come to find a resolution
secrets that never fail us
now i'm walking away from conversations we made
i guess we gave it all we had
now i'm done with these walls that have built a prison cell inside myself
now i'm gone and i'm dead from all the words that you said
i guess we gave it all we had
now i'm living in reverse from the grave until my birth
i guess we gave it all we had.
just say you'll never tell
secrets that never fail
words in conflict
we don't belong here.


Written By: Eden Sharmaine

smoke and mirrors in my fathers head
he burned up all the logic till the science it was dead
he drowned all of the reason
and left it there to die
and when God came a callin
he pulled dear dad aside
and he said
father worry when your son may lose his way
but the bible it will lead him back to find me here some day
and with all of his searchin and looking for the truth
he might come to know me better than you think you do
so don't hold on
all is well
don't hold on
to him
smoke and mirrors in my fathers head
the capitol is burning in the flames of hell he said
we'll round up all the sinners
magicians and the poor
musicians will be sorry that they chose to ignore
the wrath of God that's comin
on the white hot words of faith
the priests will act like grenadiers
and we'll murder all the apes
the uninformed
the prisoners
the writers and the lame
oh smoke and mirrors
words of wisdom
child you'd best behave
and fear your God
yeah be afraid
or just pretend
MR PHELPS must have his way.
smoke and mirrors in the house of God
all that he'd intended is not at all.


Written By: Eden Sharmaine

hotwired from a version of coverall
a brief cover up hot spokes cursed been spinnin your way
never mind what we settled on we've got big guns, hot mint,
resettle or we're coming your way
dear God i'm ashamed to say
that i'm in it for the money
but dime a dozen, we all feel the same
so what i'm a dollar fiend
yeah capital is capital and frankly,
from california to the kremlin
there's people always tremblin
these people wanna know
just where their money goes
where does it go?
well we're sending and receiving and i guess i'll never know!
i guess we'll never know.
i guess we'll never know.


Written By: Eden Sharmaine

i felt the dreams in you expire
i felt it come down to the wire
but never before have i seen
the absolution in you seem
like the day if day where night
like the perfect purple painted white
i will become the strength to help you carry on.
please tell me annie
are we falling apart
should i go back to the start
when things
where beautiful
please tell me annie
are we losing the scene
should i intervene or is this
the city of...
meet me on fire
we could move mountains
just with our love.
if you could only see the truth
see me clearly
or tell the truth like it was fire from your lips
just one kiss
and touch nothing love nothing
but the perfection which exists
i'll watch our love unfold.


Written By: Eden Sharmaine

your loose lips are the problem
you go around like a heated disease
and every zombie body you're infecting
you render nightmares of all of my dreams
hot water across these conniptions
your shaky hands are always holding the key
all vile, belated inscriptions
your swimming like the devil in all depth of the sea
tell me the truth
is this our nightmare
tell me the truth
are we dead?


Written By: Eden Sharmaine

no less a man than a machine
no mare a part of a routine
my hands are tied
i let you win

no less a man than false extremes
no more a part of a routine
my hands are tied i let you in

it's been so long since i've been down this road
i'm tired and i think you should notice that
we all combat our eyes in you
pretty little pill such a pretty little pill

i design all desire in you
i conspire to ignite my fire in you
i rely my whole life in you
a paralell to all i admire in truth
i design all desire in you
i conspire to ignite my fire in you
i rely my whole life in you
only suicide i will find in you

my name it is misfortune i've come from far and wide to feed,
your one and only sole solution to keep a perfect life and lead
your sorrow is the song i sing your
doubts they are the frame
that keep your picture perfect sorrows playing
over and over and over again

it's been so long since i've been down this road
i'm tired and i think you should notice that
we all combat our eyes in you
pretty little pill such a pretty little pill


Written By: Eden Sharmaine

our eyes
blind from fallout
all is calm now (but)
we were told
though never knew enough
to keep our movements inside the rhythm of their drums
-this is-

world war!
world war!
brother tell me
just who the enemy
is i wonder just how
ignorant we are

yeah we're strapping
straight recapping
the movement in their steps is (hushed)
bare, the falter in my breathing (brushed)
aside, though
i was told
i never knew enough, but
if the power in your soul is love
than what the hell are we fighting for?

world war
world war
brother tell me
just who the enemy
world war
world war
brother tell me
just who our enemy is
world war
world war
brother tell me
who the enemy
is i wonder just how
(it's more than
bombs and shrapnal)
ignorant we are


1. Eden Sharmaine Winter EP
2. Our Fathers (full length)

Singles: Cities and Nightmares. Being played on 105.3 The Spy.
Full album is streaming for free on myspace.com/edensharmaine

Set List

Last Call
Bonnie Et Clyde
Smoke and Mirrors
Adams Song
Words in Conflict
Dr. Strangelove
Who the Hell You Are
Golden Age
Sending and Receiving

Set time: 1hr.