Eden's Lie

Eden's Lie


"LIVE THE LIE" with New England's Premier Melodic Rock Band!


With the recent release of their self-titled CD "EDEN'S LIE” through New York independent record label KIVEL RECORDS, Eden's Lie is determined to keep a constant ringing in the ears of those who hear them currently perform live in the New England area. With their brand of original melodic hard rock infused with infectious melodies and guitar bravado, Eden's Lie looks ahead to their promising future.

Formed in early 1995, Eden's Lie transformed over the next ten years into one of New Hampshire’s most recognizable sounds. With their independent releases of “LISTEN” (1998), "RESURRECTION" (1999), “BREAK THE SURFACE” (2001) and “ALIGNED” (2003), Eden's Lie's steadily performed in and around New England and were a featured act on ROCK 101’s: “Battle of the Bands”, Rock 101’s: “Homegrown” radio show, Q106 WHDQ. Eden’s Lie was also one of the most requested show guests on Mojo Music Studio’s “The Studio” radio show which is syndicated all over the United States and the UK!

Eden’s Lie is fronted by Jeff Richards, whose natural charisma, charm and energy is as contagious as the melodies he sings. Musically, Jeff is always looking to further his melodies in new and interesting ways. As such, Jeff’s signature sound focuses on his strong vocal harmonies. The lyrics that Jeff writes are based upon his life and attempts to convey messages of hope and perseverance as ways to deal with life’s hard road.

As the guitar player in Eden’s Lie, Michael Pickens is a classically trained musician with a Bachelor degree in Music Theory and Composition under which he studied classical guitar, piano and orchestration. Always a fan of “the song” and not just what he can play on it, Michael’s interest in classical theory has led to the song writing of Eden’s Lie to be more than just “what it is” but more of “what it could be”. Michael adds a dimension to Eden’s Lie that focuses on musicality, attitude and emotion.

Ed Nicolaides brings solid bass playing and exceptional background vocals ability to Eden’s Lie. An accomplished songwriter in his own right, Ed showcases his musical ability by engaging the listener with bass lines and grooves that keeps the songs moving and energetic. Ed’s background vocals are essential to the Eden’s Lie sound.

Drummer Larry Williams is one of the hardest working musicians on the planet. His drum playing is top-notch, tight and enthusiastic. Larry is known as a “People Person’s person”. There is nothing Larry would not do to entertain the fans in order to put on a great show.

Eden’s Lie simply loves playing music straight from their heart and soul. Always writing new material and perfecting their stage show, they look forward to performing live in their home turf of New England as well as touring the world. Whether it is in the studio recording or playing live, Eden's Lie gives all they can to achieving their personal and musical goals. And with that said, Eden's Lie always strives at being their best and doing what they do best: bringing their own brand of melodic hard rock music to the world.


Standing Still

Written By: Jeff Richards

I pulled the plug
When we lost all control
Take a step back
See where we’re at

You let me down
When you left me to hang
I could complain
What good would that do?

Who’s to say when you're left here alone
You have to die in misery
Everything that you want is out of reach
So make the best of what you say

Bury your doubt
As you open your eyes
There’s nothing to loose
So give it a try

The ring of your faith
Is surrounding this place
So put it to use

I’m left standing still
Left standing still to go on
I’m left standing still
On my own
I’m left standing still
Left standing still I’ll go on

Time never serves us its purpose
No need to wait if there’s no one around
Everyone’s got their own reason
Just don’t take
Take one of mine

Chase Away

Written By: Jeff Richards

Take a look at where you're are
Trying to be something that you're never going to be
You can only change so much
When the times go somewhere else
Where you going to be

Tell me why you chase away
Everything you're based upon so you can run and hide
You will be the one we know from all that you have done
Still you try to chase away the thing that made you
Who you are

Take a look at what you’ve done
Do you really feel like starting over again
You can stretch the truth so far
Knowing where you come from says a lot for where you’ll go

It’s hard to stand your ground when no one else will stand with you
You have to stand your ground when no one else will stand by you


"Eden's Lie"- 10 Track CD on www.KivelRecords.com

"Video Lies" DVD (Expanded Version With Bonus Material)

"Aligned" - CD, 10 Tracks
"All I Want For Christmas" - CD Single
"Video Lies" - VHS

"Break The Surface" - CD, 13 Tracks

"Resurrection" - CD, 11 Tracks

Set List

Eden’s Lie plays mostly original material from their four previously released albums (Listen, Resurrection, Break the Surface, and Aligned) and their upcoming release on Kivel Records Design. This original set of material includes the following songs:
1. Aligned
2. All There Is
3. Chase Away
4. Closure
5. Comfortable With Tragedy
6. Endless Days
7. Faith Keeper
8. Here
9. Landslide
10. Lost in a Phrase
11. One from the Last
12. Say
13. Shattered
14. Solitary Space
15. Standing Still
16. Take
17. This Time
18. Wait
19. Whatever it Takes
20. Wishing Well / You are the one

Eden’s Lie also plays a variety of cover songs spanning the 1970’s to recent hits. New songs are added monthly and new material can be requested by the venue ahead of time. The cover songs most played include but are not limited to:

1. Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion
2. Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen
3. Beastie Boys – Fight for Your Right to Party
4. Bon Jovi – You Give Love a bad Name