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Eden Star

New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States

New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Band Rock Punk


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"NJ Notes: Eden Star"

This week, I’m going to feature two bands since my managing editor, Slev, thought that my “all updates” column last week was lame! Oh, did I just call you out, Slev? Anyway, speaking of receiving emails regarding bands to check out, one band that tickled my fancy was a band called Eden Star. I was surprised by their sound and their look because I didn’t think bands like them existed anymore. The singer known as Hellion has a unique and excellent voice. Songs like “Velvet Red,” “Leave Your Mark,” and “Unsane” really exemplified their hard rockabilly style. Yes, I just made up a new genre, but hey, Eden Star can be the first of their kind! They also had a retro ‘80s glam rock sound reminiscent of bands like Motley Crue-meets-Guns N Roses.

Eden Star was formed and developed in the garages of North Jersey by singer Hellion and guitarist Hyde. Unlike most bands during their evolution, Eden Star focused less on the pretentiousness of creating “a new sound” and they decided to focus more on making music that was fun, sensual, loud, and hard! Hellion and Hyde performed with a bunch of session players until drummer Kat Kaos came into their lives. Kat played with Eden Star for nearly a year before she came on board as a full-time member, which solidified the line-up, and helped Hellion and Hyde realize the sound that they were after.

Eden Star recently released their eight song EP, Skin, on CD Baby. Fans of the band have described the band’s music and live shows as “energetic, madcap and some of the rawest hard rock out there!” They’ve even been compared to bands like early A.F.I. , The Distillers to even hard rock bands like Motorhead and Velvet Revolver. If you want to check out Eden Star, you can do so at edenstarmusic.com or myspace.com/edenstar. Don’t forget to support your local bands and buy Eden Star’s CD, Skin, at CDBaby.com/cd/edenstar2. By the way, for the wiseasses who do read my column every week, and you know who you are, I am not related to the Eden Star singer, Hellion!

- Tim Louie - The Aquarian

"Eden Goes Glam"

Snarky Writers like myself often deride the narcissistic and sleazy image perpetuated by nouveau glam bands. Edison, NJ's Eden Star however, manages to bring something different to the latest wave of leopart print and lace adorned rockers. Their rockabilly affected punk is both groovy and hard hitting on the trio's independently released EP SKIN - the Aquarian

"Indulgence, Decadence and Indecency"

If you listen to today’s music, you might think that '70s punk and '80s glam rock seem to be the forgotten genres. You might ask yourself one question: Why?

Though I might not have an answer, as I am not as hip as I used to be when I listened to, say, Motley Crüe, I seem to get excited when I see a new band draw from unpopular styles.

This is why seeing some recent performances of Eden Star in New Jersey brought a smile to my face. Unlike the music from many of today’s crop of budding artists, the Edison, NJ band’s sound brought me back to the Ramones, Hanoi Rocks and, yes, even Motley Crüe. (If there was a license for music critics I would be handing it in now for saying the latter is a reputable influence.)

Many new bands seem to draw from their contemporaries rather than from the past. But, in his interview with Chorus and Verse, the band’s lead singer Daniel wasn’t afraid - as I am - to list Whitesnake and Poison as his influences.

Music will never evolve if bands don’t take risks. However, in the mainstream world, solos are always getting shorter, chord structures are getting duller and marketable formulas are becoming the norm. However, record labels are not getting any richer, as financial papers continue to publish reports of a number of music executives losing their jobs and even the shut down of some labels.

With all of that being said, the mainstream might just open its doors to risk; thus leaving room for risk takers like Eden Star or similar artists to walk in and seize such an opportunity. - Chorus and Verse

"Kiss and Tell"

by Lola Battling

Best music is often found while in the bathtub and Eden Star is no exception. The group, best described as early punk with David Bowie vocals, is intense in every regard. There's a hard edge that is enlivened by the earnest lyrics and energy put forth by the band. The whole album plays like a jolt of electricity flowing through the veins. "Come Tomorrow" is a beautiful loud start to a truly hard rocking album. This band draws all their roots from Glam Rock and you can hear it, its not false advertising.

Another local (read: New Jersey Based) band, Eden Star harvests the best of the 70s rock movement with a modern edge. The lyrics are classic with backup in all the right spaces blending with the instrumental seamlessly. You won't find any screaming or screeching feedback on this album.

The only real downside to the album is that it's just an EP. After six songs, you're just left wanting more. Daniel, Eden Star's lead vocalist, puts enough heart and soul into the lyrics to paint pictures remnicient of a more hard rock Tom Petty. Murad, Nielsen, Kat, and Jon breathe greater life into the music by working with the vocals. Together, two give birth to something greater than the parts, which is hard to find in today's music. "Lucky One" is my pick for hit single if i ever heard one. Daniel's vocals are awe inspiring and uplifting.

www.geek-vs-life.com/blog/2007/07/10/eden-star-kiss-tell/ - Geek Vs. Life

"The World According to Wawzyrniak: Eden Star"

Working a fast, punchy and supremely thrilling bump’n’grind groove for all its worth, this six song EP CD seriously smokes in no uncertain terms . The lively shouted vocals cut loose with vigorous go-for-it abandon while the fiercely rippin’ guitars, seething basslines, and unrelenting steamroller drums keep the music ferociously raw, gritty and dynamic throughout. This is the type of savagely exciting music that pulls no punches and takes no prisoners in its tough and aggressive pursuit of pure hard-rockin’ fun. Accolades don’t come any better than that.

- Joe Wawrzyniak
http://www.jerseybeat.com/world-according-to-wawrzyniak.html - Jerseybeat.com


Kiss and Tell - EP
Skin - EP

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Chiefly inspired by the hedonism of the 80s and 90s rock scene, as well as the burgeoning Japanese Hard Rock sound, Eden Star combines different forms of Rock & Roll. Their sound can best be described as an amalgamation of Punk Grit and Metal Grind, mixed with Hard Blues, Pop Sensibility and even a dash of Rockabilly. Add a manic, theatrical stage presence and the end result is an intense, crazy ride packed with blistering energy.

Eden Star began its development in the garages of New Jersey. Avid fans of J-Rock, 80s punk, metal and glam, they mixed their influences for a hard, raw, sexy rock and roll sound. Eschewing the pretentiousness of "inventing a new sound" they focused on making music that was fun.

Fans have described the music and live shows as "energetic", "madcap" and "some of the rawest hard rock out there", with comparisons running the gamut from classic punk a la The Distillers, early AFI and the Ramones, to hard rock acts such as Motorhead, Velvet Revolver and J-rock band SADS. Eden Star hits hard and leaves you stunned.

So "Give Into The Sin"!