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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Pop




"PVRIS, Guns & Roses Eden Warsaw & More"

Eden Warsaw released a music video for “Somebody Tell Me.”

The track is taken from their forthcoming album Calm The Coast. - Alternative Press

"Eden Warsaw shows there is more to Canada than Celine Dion and Justin Bieber"

More music from Canada - a country that is demonstrably much more than Celine Dion and Justin Bieber .
Like here, when Eden Warsaw released their latest single piece . A vibrant and almost hypnotic synth to disappear into. The song is part of the musician's projects Warsaw Wednesday's , where he released a song a week. - PopMuzik (Sweden)

"Canadian Music Week - Show Review"

Great review of our live set from one of our Canadian Music Week Showcases. - Lithium Magazine

""Searching For Someone" May 2016 Playlist"

Indietronica added 'Searching For Someone' to their May playlist on Soundcloud. - Indietronica

"#4 "Searching For Someone" Top 11 Weekly Playlist"

"Toronto Alt-Pop Artist, for fans of MSMr." - Alan Cross - Alan Cross - A Journal of Musical Things

"Top 10 Weekly Playlist"

The first 10 seconds had me unsure of what to expect from Warsaw and then it dropped into a smooth melodic piano roll accompanied by Eden’s soulful voice. Searching For Someone brings the feels hard and is a great late night jam. - That New Jam

"Searching For Someone Video Review"

Cool review by Toronto Streets Magazine! - Toronto Streets Magazine

"2016 Artist To Watch Feature"

2016 artist to watch feature article with video premiere. - Indie Rock Cafe

"Song Feature!"

Featured on Take A Shot for 'Searching For Someone' - Take A Shot

"Featured Single"

That New Jam highlighted 'Searching For Someone' as a standout single for the summer. - That New Jam

"Introducing Canadian Artist Eden Warsaw"

For the past 3 years, Toronto electronic/pop artist Eden Warsaw has been hard at work writing and recording his recently released EP ‘Dream of Beaches’ as well as his debut album ‘Searching For Someone’

A unique blend of electronic, pop, and alternative his music works to reveal the wide range of emotions that Eden writes with. With over 29 self-produced tracks set for release through-out 2016, Eden Warsaw is an artist who has persevered independently and is finally ready to share his musical perspective with the world. - Rebel Rebel Music Mag UK

"Artist 2 Watch 2016"

Eden Warsaw came onto the indie/pop scene with the release of his video for ‘Diamonds’ a while back and then disappeared. ‘Diamonds’ went on to be featured as a top DIY track on blogs and charts internationally – but no other releases followed. It turns out he was hard at work completing his debut album ‘Searching For Someone’ (01/15/2016). A 3 song EP was released in September 2015 to begin the rollout for the album, with songs like ‘Dream of Beaches’ and ‘Hurricane’ gaining traction with listeners and even getting noticed by Alan Cross (A Journal of Musical Things) as “a taste of things to come” from the Toronto artist. The debut album sounds immediately like a classic. It starts off with the catchy title track ‘Searching For Someone’ which is a bit reminiscent of the electronic mix of M83, MGMT and Chvrches. Fans of original sounds and Pop should check out this track as well as some other standouts ‘Lightning Touch’, ‘Medicine’, and ‘Superalfvenic’. There is a wide variety of influence apparent on the debut from the beats on ‘Eternity’ to the EDM mix of ‘Body’ and the more soulful back to back tracks ‘White Fire’ and ‘How Much Further To My Soul’. It’s an exciting debut to say the least and the live show shouldn’t be missed. Eden Warsaw plays at The Drake Underground (1150 Queen St West) @ 8pm on Friday January 29th – it’s a free show. Eden Warsaw is definitely an artist to watch in 2016! Check it out. - A&R Report

"'Lightning Touch' on February 2016 Playlist"

Added to top February tracks playlist for 'Lightning Touch' - Indietronica

"Eden Warsaw - Feature - "Searching For Someone""

"No matter how you’re feeling, this song will surely uplift your spirits"...full write-up on website. - H-Blog

"Top DIY Single"

Diamonds by Eden Warsaw - chosen as top DIY single in indierockcafe.com - Indie Rock Cafe

"Next Big Thing"

"A dangerous blend of alternative and pop, when these genre bending tracks hit, they hit big!" - Marquis Artists

"Eden Warsaw Premiere's "Somebody Tell Me""

Toronto-based musicians, Eden Warsaw, debuted their first LP, Searching for Someone in early 2016, and shortly after performed a sold-out show at the Drake Underground. Since then the band has been continuously creating and producing music. The LP received great press locally, regionally and nationally, and the band has been playing numerous shows since, growing their fanbase.

Warsaw is soon to release their follow-up LP Calm The Coast, and are excited to share their newest release. Their latest single, "Somebody Tell Me" leads the listener through the borderlands between Pop, Electronica and Alt-Rock. Ethereal synths and alternative production glide against hard-hitting drums and Eden’s pop-delivery, as he paints the ruins of rock-bottom despair.

Warsaw tells AXS that their approach on Calm The Coast was to "write solid genre-bending songs, but it was important to make sure they have a connection and meaning to whoever is listening to it. I think that's reflected on 'Somebody Tell Me' and the process made me become, as a songwriter, more honest about my real life experiences."

Check out their exclusive premiere with "Somebody Tell Me" in the music player below!

Connect with Eden Warsaw through Facebook and Twitter. - AXS

"Eden Warsaw Featured on WXRY 99.3FM"

July 02 8pm - WXRY 99.3 FM

"Eden Warsaw’s Latest Single “Somebody Tell Me”"

Eden Warsaw is sharing with us his single “Somebody Tell Me”. This single has a nice strong rock/pop feel and the vocals come through great. It is a more serious song that Eden is wanting people to consider and contemplate what he is singing about, because many people have these feelings. “Somebody Tell Me” is from his Calm the Coast LP and Eden is sharing the single with us through SoundCloud - Comic Pop Library

"Eden Warsaw Releases Lead Single “Somebody Tell Me” From Upcoming Album"

Toronto artist Eden Warsaw, has just put out his lead single, “Somebody Tell Me”, for his upcoming album Calm The Coast. With this upcoming album, it will be honest and raw. It will blend alternative, electronic, and pop.

This single is one that anyone can relate to at some point in their life. Sometimes in life things get tough and this song expresses that clearly. Sometimes people just need reassurance that everything will work out in the end. “Somebody tell me that it’s going to be alright/ I need to hear it from you.” In our darkest moments people need that reassurance from someone close to them and need to hear it to now that it is going to be okay.

Specifically this is the kind of song one would listen to late at night on the beach watching the waves crash against the shoreline. That scene to me is peaceful and reassuring, just like how the song is.

The album, Calm The Coast, is highly anticipated and there is nothing but a bright future ahead for Eden Warsaw. There is no doubt in my mind with their unique sound of the three genres combined and raw/beautiful vocals that they can become the next big thing in the music industry.

“It’s not worth it to try to sound like someone else. True artists never try to paint like other people do. Create your own scene.” says Eden Warsaw. - Audible Addixion

"Interview: Eden Warsaw digs deep to uncover personal truth"

There is a rather raw innocence that comes with existentialism. The belief that an individual’s life depends solely on how they interpret and live through their own experiences is, essentially, intellectual history–both literary and philosophical. Emerging out of the post-World-War-II era, the movement originated through the work of Jean-Paul Sartre and such thinkers as Karl Jaspers, Jean Wahl, Miguel de Unamuno and Nikolai Berdyaev, among numerous others, spanning the regions of Germany, France, Spain and Russia. Countless writers and philosophers came to be recognized under the movement, which thrived in the 1940s and ’50s. But, as with many philosophical movements, the idealisms spilled over into the reflections of art and music–and ask any coming of age singer, songwriter or musician, and they avow an existential crisis is very real and absolutely inescapable. “Somebody tell me that it’s going to be OK,” Eden Warsaw manifests on “Somebody Tell Me,” a smoldering downtempo pop-rock track. It needles together his own deep-rooted uncertainties, a troubled view of the world and his ability to share his story, succinctly and fearfully. “Is it ever too late? Or am I in too deep?” he probes.

“Somebody Tell Me” and his previous song “Ghosts” both sample a forthcoming album called Calm the Coast. “In a weird way, it’s this really raw album about life, the ups and downs we go through. The first album [2016’s ‘Searching for Someone’] was definitely a more conceptual love album, but I wanted this new album to be about almost anything we can experience in life,” he tells B-Sides & Badlands over a recent phone call. “‘Somebody Tell Me’ is a really rough chapter someone could be going through, and then, there are songs like ‘Boulevard’ that deal with longing for somebody and you are willing to do anything. It finally clicked in my head that this is right. There’s another song called ‘Ecstasy,’ which is just about the good times. It’s definitely a roller coaster.”

Originally called something else entirely, Calm the Coast begins with a song called “Fade Away,” which contains only a “a couple notes on electric guitar and opens up asking ‘what are we here for? If I start losing my way, will someone come and find me?’ It’s a really cool song. The album then gets more aggressive into the next few songs,” he says. “The whole theme of the album is actually waves, and it is basically saying we can be hit with all these big waves in our lives and it could look like a crazy storm is coming–but at some point, everything will be alright again. The water will go back to being flat; the waves will be more mellow again; and everything’s gonna be alright. You do have to go through the motions; you have to go through the storm; you have to go through whatever it is. You have to deal with it before you can get to the other side. You can’t just snap your fingers.”

Warsaw digs into his thoughtful production choices, what he learned through the writing/recording of the new album and finding interest in his music from several labels.

Dig into our exclusive Q&A session below:

How did you aim to take the production of your music to the next level with “Somebody Tell Me” and “Ghosts”?

“Ghosts” was recorded a little bit after the first album, so it’s technically a b-side. With the new single, as well as the new album, I definitely wanted to maybe go a bit more alternative. I wasn’t planning on anything, really. The only electronic portions of the new stuff are the synths you hear and the drums. Otherwise, everything else is all real instruments. I played the guitars, the bass and did all the vocals and harmonies. I wanted to make it more organic.

There is raspy quality to the new single. How did “Somebody Tell Me” come together?

I didn’t even try anything on that. It was the only type of vocal part that worked. We were using just a regular Neumann U87 into a pre-amp and it was giving us this really raw sound, maybe I stayed up really late the night before writing lyrics. For a lot of the album, I would have the music and would know the gist of what I wanted to say. But I would spend a lot of the nights right before writing all the actual lyrics. It was probably something I went through that night or the week before. It just kind of happened.

You mention having the music before the lyrics. Is that always your process?

Honestly, 95 percent of the time, I definitely write all the music first or at least, I get a good portion of the song done first. I write verses and lyrics on the side and later on, once I have some music, I’ll start flipping through stuff I’ve written and see if any of it matches the mood of the music.

When it comes down to reworking lyrics or music, does that happen often?

I actually did have to do that on the new album. There were two songs that the engineer said “you should do this on the chorus,” and that meant I would have to go back and do the electronic stuff I was doing and alter things. It wasn’t as quick as just deleting something. I was a little sad that day because I knew we weren’t going to get to record it. But it worked out for the better. I brought it back the next week with the changes he suggested, and the song really worked out. It wouldn’t have worked out the original way.

Your first album was released only last year. Did you feel pressure to follow that up so soon?

Funny enough, the album that was released last year was recorded about three or four years ago. I didn’t actually want to release any music. I wasn’t in the right mindset. Once you release music, you kind of have to keep going–you can’t just disappear for a while unless you’re a band like Radiohead. They can afford to disappear. But when you are an indie artist, you have to go, go go, especially if that’s your passion. That album was recorded a long time ago, and then, once I added my friends to the band, they were like “you’ve got this new album in the works, I think you should release the other one, so we can finish this new one and start from where we actually are.” That was just a necessary step.

So, you started the new album before the last one was released?

That’s right. It is a little different of an approach, especially in our day and age. If I had recorded a couple singles off the first album, then, people release it right away, right? They just want to put it out there and that’s it. For some reason, I just wanted to hang onto everything for awhile.

What did you learn about yourself through writing and recording the new album?

I realized that no matter how much sometimes I want to go into the mainstream sound or produce in that very small pocket of what’s cool right now, I can never do it. I can never actually bring myself to do something that isn’t genuine. Every time I do something, it’s always going to be a little bit off-center. I can’t just copy something for the sake of it. It almost seems too easy to just do whatever the cool sound is. I learned I have some kind of musical and artistic integrity.

Did you have specific influences upon which you drew for the new record?

I think so. I really like bands like Beach House and Mutemath, even twenty one pilots, too. When you listen to one of their records, it has its own vibe from start to finish, especially Beach House. It’s almost like this relaxing–well, not relaxing because some of their songs are aggressive–but when you see them live, it’s a totally different show. That’s something I wanted to do. I wanted to give all the elements of what I wanted people to hear in the song, and then, when you go see a live show, everything comes to life. It’s like putting on 3D glasses. You are hearing it in a full sense.

Did any roadblocks come up in the album’s process?

I’m definitely lucky. As soon as I start writing music, I had so many options for this album. It was more about choosing. I recorded 15 songs, maybe a little bit more, for this album. 13 really gave it a full-framed picture. The only difficult part was picking the right songs and finding the theme. You never know. The next album could be the worst experience of my life.

What are some other standout songs on the album?

Potentially, the next single is going to be a song called “The Sunrise.” It just works. It’s just now starting to get warmer in Toronto. We’ve been waiting and waiting for summer. The song vibes really well with the warmer weather. I’m hoping we can time it and get this single out there. There’s another song called “Maybe,” which is a really cool, different kind of pop song. It’s in the same vein as “Somebody Tell Me.” It has more of that sadness in it. The album has so many back and forths. It’s well-balanced in that sense.

You are of Polish background. Was it your parents who moved here or further back in your lineage?

It was my parents. They moved to Canada when they were 19 or something. I am definitely the first generation Canadian. I think I learned how to speak Polish first, actually. All of my relatives still live in Poland, so the only way I can speak with them is in Polish. It’s different.

Have you ever considered incorporating Polish into your music?

I would love to. I think it’d be really cool to do Polish shoutouts. It’s such a cool and unique language. I would love to try my hand at least writing a song 100 percent dedicated to the Polish language. Maybe, I can sing all the songs on this album in Polish. I think having that in my pocket is pretty cool. In the future, maybe I’ll just throw it out there. One day, I’d love to play a festival in Poland.

When is the album coming, and what are your other plans for the year?

Touring is our hope. The album release date is still to be determined. We have a few labels that are talking to us. We don’t want to put it out on our own. We do think someone is going to take it off the market, kind of thing. Our bags are packed and ready to go for touring this year. This album is really a 2017 album. It works everything that’s happen, whether you are looking at the political landscapes or different countries. It’s a weirdly-timed and appropriate album.

What’s it like having interest from labels?

It’s…frustrating, actually. I think we have such a solid album. Labels are really…not scared but they really want to see somebody that’s blowing up. Problem is you can fake so much these days. I could go out there and buy 100,000 Facebook followers, and then, all of a sudden, does that give me any more credibility? It doesn’t. It just comes down to the music. I really want them to focus on the music and potential there. That’s what the whole core of the industry is supposed to be about. It’s definitely humbling, too. I’m excited for the next step. - B-Sides & Badlands

"Hot New Video"

Eden Warsaw 'Diamonds' Featured on MuchMusic's hot new electronic video's when released. - MuchMusic


“It’s not worth it to try to sound like someone else. True artists never try to paint like other people do. Create your own scene.”

With a Facebook bio like that, who can resist taking a listen? Eden Warsaw are on to fantastic things and new single “Somebody Tell Me” can pretty much speak for itself. “Somebody tell me that it’s going to be alright/ I need to hear it from you” – sentiments we’ve all expressed at one point and one we all can agree is something we’ve been pondering more than usual these days. Use this one for reassurance. - The Daily Listening

"Discover the amazing Eden Warsaw!"

Here is Eden Warsaw, amazing music from Canada. We just added "Somebody Tell Me" in our playlist. You can hear it several times a day on Pop'N'rocK Radio. Enjoy! - Pop n Rock Radio

"#1 Video - Eden Warsaw - Diamonds"

#1 video for Diamonds - Eden Warsaw charting in Germany. - Pop 10 Germany

"#4 - Hurricane - Eden Warsaw"

Listed as a 'taste of things to come' from Eden Warsaw, Alan Cross featured Hurricane as the #4 single on his blog A Journal of Musical Things - Alan Cross - A Journal of Musical Things

"February Electronic Songs of The Month"

“Lightning Touch” – Eden Warsaw. Warbling post-dub distorted arpeggiator forms the basis for this surprisingly happy electro jam. The surprise is great. - Independent Clauses Music Blog


Toronto-based artist Eden Warsaw returns with new single, 'Somebody Tell Me'.

The last time we blogged about Eden Warsaw we were getting all gushy over his visuals for atmospheric and eerie single 'Anon' taken from his debut album, 'Searching For Someone'. Since then, Eden and his band have been busy making new tracks for a new album entitled, ‘Calm The Coast’, revealing a reinvented sound.

'Somebody Tell Me' sees Eden Warsaw cut back on the electronica focus of past material, amping up the melodic Alt-Rock influences - an edgy montage of atmospheric drum rhythms, and chiming, fuzzy arrangements. The track is deliciously dark in all the right places, where Eden's mysterious and affecting vocal makes your heart ache with sincerity as the protagonist searches for reassurance, for someone to tell him everything is alright in the face of uncertainty and unease.

'Somebody Tell Me' crawls under the skin and enters the bloodstream, culminating in a gigantic rush of dark ecstasy. Despite its melancholy, you want to keep reliving it over and over again. - When The Horn Blows

"Debut Album Featured interview (Jan 15 2016)"

Toronto’s Eden Warsaw creates a synth-charged, electro indie sound and isn’t afraid to dabble in pop and R&B. In Fall of last year, he released his Dream of Beaches EP, with just three songs that had the sonic capabilities to make a listener do just that – even if the cold weather was on its way.

With the help of his band, Eden Warsaw is releasing his debut full length, Searching For Someone, tomorrow, January 15th. It’s available for pre-order on iTunes, where you can snag the Instant Grat track “Lightning Touch”. Eden took some time to answer a few questions for us pertaining to the new release, his place in the Toronto music scene, and more:

*see link for interview* - Tunecore

"Eden Warsaw – Somebody Tell Me"

With a favourable layering of heavy, electro pop on his previous releases, the Torontonian’s progression to a more classic, emo/pop rock comes quite naturally, as Eden Warsaw adds another track to the playlist of perfect, late night travel songs.

His previous love of electronica is still present, however, Somebody Tell Me, with its narrative of seeking help when having hit rock bottom, alongside guitars and an overall production that fans of 30 Seconds To Mars’ later work would fall in love with, are signifiers of a change in style for Warsaw, one that is fully welcomed here on Velvet. - Velvet Independent

"People That Matter"

(New York) In an age when labels and borders feel as archaic as ever, musical depth and passion have become the true north stars of music fans around the globe. Hailing from Toronto, but carrying a multitude of culture within his band, Eden Warsaw is giving a voice to a global community of independent artists. Returning with his new single “Somebody Tell Me”, from the upcoming album Calm The Coast, Warsaw leads the listener through the borderlands between Pop, Electronica, and Alt-Rock. Ethereal synths and alternative production glide against hard-hitting drums and Eden’s pop-delivery, as he paints the ruins of rock-bottom despair with his raw and honest approach to songwriting. - Revolution Three Sixty

"Weekly Roundup : Eden Warsaw"

Eden Warsaw does a mean line in emotional electronic rock, showcased effectively on Somebody Tell Me and blending alternative rock, electronica, and pop to deliver a unified but eclectic sound. It’s an emotionally intelligent fusion, taking the sounds of bands like Coldplay and AFI but removing to bombast and pomp to give the listener are more intimate, personalised yet hook-filled sound. - Electronic North UK

"Interview: Eden Warsaw"

Canadians are really continuing to step up their already impressive music game. Toronto native and ambitious musical seeker, Eden Warsaw, is one prime example of this. With his brand new single Somebody Tell Me, from the upcoming album ‘Calm The Coast’, the art is thriving with his crew of Troy Donaldson, Kyle Densmore and P-Chan. Covering a wide span of genres is the ideal eclectic touch that is needed in the growing music world. Emotion seeps through and the humanity of it all works well through Eden’s project.

The whole concept was a flexible adventure for the Mr. Warsaw. “I really wanted to write an album that [hadn’t] been done yet. It was freeing in that sense because I didn’t set any boundaries while finding the sound. Once the general theme clicked, it was like writing a movie or a novel and it just flowed.”

With a growing discography, the man has plenty of favorite works to date to choose from. “From the previously released album [‘Searching for Someone’] I really enjoy songs like Lightning Touch and Medicine, I think they really blended a lot of experimental styles and helped me forge my own path in a way. The new album has a ton of gems, and I’ll let people discover the songs on their own.”

Future performance aspirations are dreams to turn into reality. “I can’t wait to play festivals where people know all of the words to the songs. I think one of the main things for us right now is that we’re playing a lot of new unreleased songs in the live show so it’s really fresh and captivating in a way for the audience. It’ll be much cooler once they know the songs and we can all sing them and vibe to them together. I really think that has to be a surreal experience for bands.”

The beauty of a live show is that anything can happen, for good or ill. “We played one show for a festival in Toronto and there were technical difficulties while we were setting up our gear. One thing you need to know is that all of us in the band are quick to set up and play so it was tough since the problem wasn’t with any of our gear. It took some time and we had to cut our set a few songs short even though the sound was great in the venue. The worst part is there were a lot of people there to see us and we didn’t get to play a few of the new songs for them. It happens I guess, but we really value our stage time and try to give the best music to anyone listening.”

Eden had some serious views on the modern music world. “It’s tough, I think the focus has shifted too much to unimportant things. We keep seeing and hearing the quality of music going down and it’s all about what’s popular right now, which I understand from the business side of music, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. One thing I know is that music can always bounce back and we’ve been in a bit of a ‘plastic’ decade of music as I like to call it. Either way, I’m hoping it switches soon. Music can be catchy but it can also be meaningful and different, it doesn’t all have to sound the same.”

Production across the board may be his next musical jump. “… I think I would venture into producing other people’s albums. I love writing, so I think helping someone find their sound would be cool to explore. The visual side is also interesting and I’m lucky enough to have talented friends in film so I would probably want to learn more about that world too.”

Changes within his craft going forward keeps the man on his toes. “What’s the Da Vinci quote that art is never finished only abandoned? [It is exactly that] I’m sure I could change things all the time on this album or previous ones but it feels like a framed piece of art, which is the goal. I’d love to write with more guitars for the next album and maybe capture our live energy more but things change and maybe the next album will sound like ‘Kid A’ or something, never know until we get there!”

Musical inspiration flows easily. “… I’m a huge Radiohead fan, but one of the best things about them is how they transform the albums into a live setting. I think when you can have one sound on an album and then showcase the songs with a different energy on stage, you’re really doing the music justice.”

Rest for the busy man helps promote that creative energy. “… It’s been busy the last few days so I need to recharge. Right now the focus is rolling out our album ‘Calm The Coast’ and hopefully getting a nice tour booked. After that I think the next album will be a double-album. Already have a few ideas that I’m excited about but trying not to get sidetracked with it right now.”

Jam on. - Punchland NYC

"Listen: Eden Warsaw Releases New Track “Somebody Tell Me”"

We live in a dangerous time, a time when one word, one push of a button, one tweet, or one phone call could change the course of history.
A time when people are afraid to go to concerts, sports events, or even work.
A time when people are afraid to express their opinions or beliefs for fear of retaliation.
A time when many have no idea how they’re going to pay the bills or feed their family.

And yet, despite who we are, or where we live, or what our cutural background is, the common denominator that connects us all, is the need to hear from somebody, anybody, that it’s going to be alright.

Eden Warsaw‘s “Somebody Tell Me” is a song for now, a song for anybody that needs to hear it. - Harlton Empire

"Eden Warsaw: “Somebody Tell Me” (Punknews Exclusive)"

Today, Punknews is pleased to debut the new video by Eden Warsaw.

Taking notes from'90s melodic punk, synth-pop, and the Cure, Eden's music balances a gauzy rhythm against a soft melancholy. Eden's new album Calm The Coast is out this fall. Meanwhile, check out the new video below, right now! - PunkNews.org

"Unfettered Emotion: Eden Warsaw – “Somebody Tell Me”"

Eden Warsaw is one of those songwriters who is extremely honest in his lyrics and has this beautiful music backing up the incredible sadness in his songs. He sometimes sounds like Casey Stratton, another outsider musician, mixed with Depeche Mode-type electronica. Warsaw is of Polish-Canadian descent, born in Montreal with a full Polish background, and fluent in the language. His long-time friends make up this multi-cultural band. Synth and guitar is held down by P-Chan, who is of Asian descent, Troy is African-American and plays bass, while Kyle is Irish-Canadian and plays drums. This is wonderful music for late night listening. I love honesty, and I admire those who bears all. - AudioFuzz

"Introducing Toronto-Based Alternative-indie Artist Eden Warsaw"

Today we’re introduced to the sounds of Toronto-Based artist Eden Warsaw, backed by Troy Donaldson on Bass, P-Chan on Guitar + Synth and Kyle Densmore on the Drums. Kicking off his first appearance on Elite Muzik, today he blesses us with “Somebody Tell Me,” the lead single from their from his impending album Calm The Coast.

Calm The Coast, is the highly anticipated follow-up to Eden Warsaw’s debut 2016 LP Searching For Someone. Give his latest single a spin below, and check out his previous album Searching For Someone, through Apple Music below. - Elite Muzik


Calm The Coast 13 Track LP - TBD 2017

Unreleased Lead Single from new album Calm The Coast being prepped for Radio release nationwide. - May/June 2017

Ghosts - Unreleased B-Side from Searching For Someone - March 2017

Searching For Someone - The Debut Album by Eden Warsaw - January 15 2016

01. Searching For Someone

02. Broken Wings

03. Lightning Touch

04. Eternity

05. Medicine

06. Body

07. White Fire

08. How Much Further To My Soul

09. Fugitives (Your Parallel)

10. Anon

11. Superalfvenic (Sunlight)

Dream of Beaches - Debut EP by Eden Warsaw - September 25 2015

01. Dream of Beaches

02. Diamonds

03. Hurricane



Eden Warsaw is a multicultural Alternative/Electronic band from Toronto. Winner - 2017 Toronto Independent Music Award 'Best Rock' for the new single 'Somebody Tell Me'.This single was featured on Alternative Press, punknews.org, and hundreds of other blogs, also racking up nearly 100K Spotify plays so far.Featured last week on Y108's indie show with another feature on 94.9 The Rock on Dec 17.
The band are planning for the song to go into full rotation for early 2018 on the radio nationwide. 4 EP's being released through 2018 (March, May, July, September) followed by a full release of the album as a whole titled 'Calm The Coast' in October.Engineered by multi-Juno winner Carmon Barry and mastered by Grammy nominated engineer Joao Carvalho.*Links for new songs below.Eden Warsaw have played indie week festival, Canadian Music Week, and over 30 electrifying shows around the Toronto area. Previous single 'Diamonds' charted for over 10 weeks in Germany.
The live show is energetic, loud and captivating.

*press updated on facebook. 

Band Members