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Houston, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | SELF

Houston, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Hip Hop




"EDF is Laid-Back and Representin’ on ‘Purple Session’ EP [@imEDF]"

When EDF dropped his Ingomar Way EP back in January, the Houston emcee promised that it was “the first of many” to come this year. With the release of his Purple Session EP, EDF seems to be off to a solid start honoring that promise.

His second EP in as many months, Purple Session bears a few of the same faces from Ingomar Way – George Young and Mike Red appear as features, for example, and Soul Division provides production on album opener “Callin’ Me” – but it’s also the polar opposite of its predecessor. Where Ingomar Way was propelled forward by mostly trunk-thumping sounds, Purple Session is much more laid-back in execution.

Slightly shorter, Purple Session flaunts its loyalty to and celebration of Houston culture over the course of four tracks. Look no further than “Keep It H-Town,” for example, and “R.W.J.S (Real Women Jam Screw),” which shouts out the “Fuck Action” series. Juicybeatz, COOP, and GLuck and BDon handle things on the production front; while Cash Capone serves as a third feature on the project. And on the sole feature-free track, EDF teases single potential with the knocking outro “Fed Up” (which samples R. Kelly’s “When A Woman’s Fed Up”). It makes you wonder what else the H-Town rapper may have up his sleeve in the months to come.

Stream EDF’s Purple Session EP for yourself down below. - Bradford J. Howard

"Stream EDF’s ‘Ingomar Way’ EP [@imEDF #IngomarWay]"

EDF - Ingomar Way_cover
Stream EDF’s ‘Ingomar Way’ EP [@imEDF #IngomarWay]
Bradford J. Howard January 26, 2016 MP3s, Music 1 Comment
EDF - Ingomar Way_cover

When EDF dropped “Ghost Town,” his George Young-assisted single, last year, it left many wondering what the Houston emcee had up his sleeves. It wouldn’t be until the close of ’15, in December, that EDF formally announced that he had a project lined up, entitled the Ingomar Way EP. Ingomar Way dropped two weeks ago, and EDF is allowing both old fans and new listeners to enjoy the EP by way of a stream.

Bearing production from Chinky P, Soul Division, MJ Nichols, Chaz Fuego, and George Young (who also features on three tracks), Ingomar Way The EP is short but serves a purpose. It comes out the gate swinging with the whip-ready “In The Wind” and rides ahead, ending with the posse cut of sorts “Numtalmbout.” On hand to help EDF as features, DeLorean, Mike Red, Steph Simon, Ricky Torrez and Tony Del Freshco make appearances.

EDF’s recent single “Worth My Time” is shockingly absent from Ingomar Way’s five tracks, but there’s a reason for that – the rapper insists that “this is the first of many EPs coming this year.”

Take a listen to EDF’s Ingomar Way down below and grab the tape for yourself off of LiveMixtapes here. - Bradford J. Howard

"LIFESTYLE: [Video] EDF – Screw History (What Would Screw Do?)"

The track Screw History is a dedication to those who have come before him. Before EDF introduces himself, it’s only right to introduce the platform that will allow him to express himself creatively as an artist out of Houston, TX. Pretty dope track. - Jenesis Magazine

"Full Swag For DJ Screw & Framboise; Half Swag For Riff Raff"

Full Swag For DJ Screw & Framboise; Half Swag For Riff Raff
By Allison Wagoner Fri., Sep. 30 2011 at 10:30 AM
Categories: Swagometer

Picnik collage.jpg
Riff Raff has all the swag.
?One of the many things we love about Houston is the diversity of its music. For instance, on Tuesday night we went to Mango's to see Psychic Palms and Mikey & The Drags, two of our favorite local garage-rock bands. After The Drags performed their cover for "Then He Kissed Me" by The Crystals, the dudes from Swishahouse started setting up their turntables for dubstep night.

Garage rock and dubstep in the same night under the same roof; it was beautiful...and a little off-putting.

If you haven't gone to a dubstep show yet, let us assure you that the hype is very real. Tuesday was our first time witnessing the tomfoolery. It was sort of like a slowed-down rave. No one looked old enough to drink and they were dancing and swinging their string lights around like "Whiplash" from Iron Man, except on hella MDMA. The low-frequency bass lines reminded us of DJ Screw. What would Robert E. Davis Jr. think of this Swishahouse dubstep movement?

Maybe you could ask EDF, a native Houstonian rapper and producer who recently released his video for the single, "Screw History (What Would Screw Do?)" The introduction features clips from an interview with Screw, the man who "created a new sound."

Swagometer: 10

Any single that references the god is cool with us.

California rapper Speak! has spent the last few months trying to eloquently rid any suspicion that he ghostwrites for Kreayshawn and penned her hit song, "Gucci Gucci." We'd like to think that if someone seems too good to be trill, she's probably fake.

Last week, Complex asked him about the "Gucci Gucci" rumors, to which he responded: "I took her to the Gucci store here in L.A. and tricked off my entire ironic hipster trust fund in attempts to give her a taste of leisure life. My parents were devastated but allowed me to continue working at their multimillion dollar snorkel factory in Saudi Arabia."

He has a taste for luxury, cocaine, and chicks with pigtails; peep the video for "Framboise Menage a Trois."

Swagometer: 9

We have to dock a point. The fashion is rad, but there are too many naked girls for our taste.

Finally, we've been listening to Riff Raff all week and you can't tell us nothin'! His lyrics remind us of some old Screw tapes: Super-simplistic rhyme patterns and bizarre references. (Remember when Keke rhymed about Caress soap?)

You probably saw him strutting around The Galleria years ago and, like everyone else, thought to yourself "What the fuck is this guy doing?" Bet you were as shocked as we were to see him on MTV's From G's to Gents.

He didn't win. Raffy isn't ready to retire the G yet. For Screw's sake, he's wearing an iced-out Slimer (from Ghostbusters) chain. Here's his video for "Jose Canseco", the ultimate hater-song, for your weekend.

Swagometer: 6

We're pretty sure that he says he's "hot like global warming" and he's going to get in our asses like Charmin. C'mon, son. - HoustonPress


The culture of screw in Houston never truly did fade away, it just got younger members to carry on the tradition. EDF for the most part has dug deep into what makes him a rather neatly packaged artist (gruff vocals, a laid back approach to nearly every song on record) on XXV, his latest mixalbum that kicks off in sort of a slow fashion but builds up towards the midsection and latter part. It's possibly cued up this way all because the album's producers from C.O.O.P to George Young to G Luck & B Don sequenced it that way. "Suicide" feels as chunky as its original iteration back when EDF was tossing out singles left and right hoping something would stick, same for the Mike Red handled "Yep Yep Yep". XXV is his shot at everything making sense -- carrying a bridge of Southside traditionalism with the hustle until your knees are broke mentality of the North. - Dayandadream.com



The Houston native was one of my favorites of the year. I came across him early in the year when he sent me his single, "Can We Talk". Anyone that knows me knows that I adore classic Houston music, I mean that slowed down, trunk music. He embodies every bit of that. The single caught my attention because of his slowed sound, and that Tevin Campbell screwed sample. Yes sir. A few months ago he released his project, "XXV" where he continued that sound. He was featured on numerous sites and his buzz grew greatly this year. I believe he'll be one of the artists to keep that good ole Houston sound alive. - Tasha of SheBloggin.com

"REUPSpot Live: Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas 2.02.12 – EDF, Lyric, & YaFamAce"

For this Episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas (2.02.12), a monthly hip-hop showcase in Houston Texas. Put on by That Purple Bastard, Hosted by Renzo & Ensane, with Jay ¢ee on turntables, and sponsored by Vitamin Water. This show featured: EDF, Lyric, & YaFamAce with special guest DJ Arsnik on Turntables, and was held at Check Other Outfitters.

Seems like the last few the shows the crowds have been getting bigger. Always dope to see. Once again, I’d like to point out the fact that in the 2+ years of Turnin Headz, they have never repeated an act. You ALWAYS get fresh, dope hip-hop. That’s sort of a big deal. So yeah, come check it out if you have not already.

First act of the night was EDF. Very Houston-centric tracks. They were all dope though. Dope lyrics and solid delivery, and as I love that Houston shit, was really feeling it. Would have been good to hear some different sorts of tracks as well, though. But regardless, good set overall, and definitely some music I would jam in the ride.

Next up, Lyric, who you may remember from the Death to Mainstream Competition a few months back. That was her first live hip-hop performance, as she stuck with performing her poetry before that. But man, she killed that Death to Mainstream show. So was looking forward to seeing what improvements if any she had made.

Clearly, she has been doing hip-hop shows since. She was a lot more confident on the mic, and the delivery was more solid. Same sorts of very dope, thoughtful and lyrical tracks. Be on the look out for her.

The freestyle session followed Lyric’s performance. Had some people go the fuck off. One guy in particular, who’s name escapes me at the moment. He’s a huge supporter of Turnin Headz, and local hip-hop in general. Didn’t know he could wreck like that. Also, DJ iPod Ammo was in the building, and did a….freestyle. Make sure to check it out.

YaFamAce closed out the acts of the night. He had dope lyrics, with a really smooth and laid back flow. Was confident on the mic, and made could use of the ‘stage’ area. Not really any downsides to his performance, except maybe that the sound was a little muffled at times, but that’s not something he controls. So all in all, dope set.

And there you have it. Yet another Turnin Headz that introduced us to some new dope acts, and gave use a cool hip-hop environment to enjoy the first Thursday of the month. As always, videos and pictures below. Also, if you like one of the videos, share it with a friend or two. - REUPSpot


EDF - Ingomar Way (2016)

EDF - Purple Session (2016)

EDF - XXV (2013)

EDF - Suicide (Do or Die) (2013) 

EDF - Yep Yep Yep (2013)

EDF - I'm Trill 

EDF - 25: The EP (December 2012)

EDF - Can We Talk (December 2012)

EDF - South Park Music (Single)

EDF - Smoke Somethin' (Produced By The Sound Mob)

EDF - Screw History (Produced By Tae Beast)

EDF - Smoke Somethin Remix (Diary of a Young Black Male)

EDF - This Houston Life (Produced By Cardo)



Comparisons come a dime a dozen, however EDF strides to remove himself from that  stigma as an artist by staying true to his creative roots. Possessing a sound native to Houston, with a global approach, EDF brings his cities laid back lifestyle with the energy of EDM at times. 

In the past year, EDF has managed to collaborate with some of the biggest names in southern hip hop such as Slim Thug, George Young, DeLorean, OG's Ron C's Chopstars such as Slim K and others. He has also established great relationships with a great amount of producers who can vouch for his sound on a national level. 

Houston's own EDF is sure to make music lovers want more as they dive deeper in to his music and source of lifestyle. Every Day Fresh, in short for EDF was a name given to him by a childhood friend for always having a new approach to music, fashion, or even  entertainment. 

EDF was introduced to music at a younger age by his cousins out of  the historic 4th Ward and Hiram Clarke sections of Houston, TX. With influences such as DJ Screw, Tela, Bone Thugs N Harmony, the SUC, Dirty 3rd Records, The Swisha House.

EDF uses these influences to stay  focused not only on music, but for the growth of his local community musically.  Singles, visuals, mixtapes, and a host of features have propelled EDF to develop a  moderate buzz locally in the state of Texas and bordering states. 

EDF has evolved in to a hard working  artists with one thing on his mind, and that's to keep the legacy of great music and  business alive from a Texan's approach on any platform possible. EDF, Every Day  Fresh, has also been called the Houstorian at times for his local roots and  knowledge of Houston through his music and via conversations with national  cultivators. 

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