Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

In an city with a changing sound, EDF is a native Houstonian who's primary approach is to entertain listeners using modern sonics with a vintage approach. With the energy of the way music is going, EDF uses his southern roots to keep listeners balanced in a laid back , yet entertaining and energetic fashion. From colleges to car shows, EDF delivers his music to various listeners and fan bases with minimal hesitation.


Comparisons come a dime a dozen, however EDF strides to remove himself from that  stigma as an artist by staying true to his creative roots. Possessing a sound native to Houston, with a global approach, EDF brings his cities laid back lifestyle with the energy of EDM at times. 

In the past year, EDF has managed to collaborate with some of the biggest names in southern hip hop such as Slim Thug, George Young, DeLorean, OG's Ron C's Chopstars such as Slim K and others. He has also established great relationships with a great amount of producers who can vouch for his sound on a national level. 

Houston's own EDF is sure to make music lovers want more as they dive deeper in to his music and source of lifestyle. Every Day Fresh, in short for EDF was a name given to him by a childhood friend for always having a new approach to music, fashion, or even  entertainment. 

EDF was introduced to music at a younger age by his cousins out of  the historic 4th Ward and Hiram Clarke sections of Houston, TX. With influences such as DJ Screw, Tela, Bone Thugs N Harmony, the SUC, Dirty 3rd Records, The Swisha House.

EDF uses these influences to stay  focused not only on music, but for the growth of his local community musically.  Singles, visuals, mixtapes, and a host of features have propelled EDF to develop a  moderate buzz locally in the state of Texas and bordering states. 

EDF has evolved in to a hard working  artists with one thing on his mind, and that's to keep the legacy of great music and  business alive from a Texan's approach on any platform possible. EDF, Every Day  Fresh, has also been called the Houstorian at times for his local roots and  knowledge of Houston through his music and via conversations with national  cultivators. 


EDF - Ingomar Way (2016)

EDF - Purple Session (2016)

EDF - XXV (2013)

EDF - Suicide (Do or Die) (2013) 

EDF - Yep Yep Yep (2013)

EDF - I'm Trill 

EDF - 25: The EP (December 2012)

EDF - Can We Talk (December 2012)

EDF - South Park Music (Single)

EDF - Smoke Somethin' (Produced By The Sound Mob)

EDF - Screw History (Produced By Tae Beast)

EDF - Smoke Somethin Remix (Diary of a Young Black Male)

EDF - This Houston Life (Produced By Cardo)