Edgar Allen Po'etry

Edgar Allen Po'etry

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Its inspirational, thought provoking, soothing, entertaining, fun, emotional, worldly and other wordly simultaneously, trendsetting, trailblazing, timeless, confident, catchy, melodic, infectous, righteous, poetic, relatable, and personal


Growing up on the “urban-side” of Burlington, a small North Carolina town later known as “Berlin” for its cultural division, Edgar Allen Po’etry discovered his love for music at a young age. First gaining a major appreciation for the art form from his father’s collection of 70’s heavy hitters such as Sly and the Family Stone, Curtis Mayfield and Patti LaBelle, he then began to use music as a vehicle to express his real life experiences.
Days spent on the local basketball court introduced Edgar Allen Po’etry to the hip-hop culture. Early albums by Eric B. and Rakim, M.C. Lyte, and Slick Rick secured his love for the craft. Rhyming and B-boying with childhood friend Alibi became a part of life and helped him perfect his gift. At age 16, he made his first recording with the Underworld Dynasty at D.J. Polo’s Greensboro, NC studio. Using music as his only outlet, Edgar Allen Po’etry learned to pour real life situations and emotions into poetic form. And from there his cinematic wordplay and lyricism continued to flourish. Through freestyle ciphers and local battles he gained respect and credibility.
Being able to create visual images involving scenes of true life ‘hood stories, philosophies, relationships, spirituality, and pain with words, Po was established as a definite emcee by age 18. Since then, he has connected with audiences all over the Triad (Winston –Salem, High Point, and Greensboro) and Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Cary) areas in North Carolina. Po has also performed at several intimate venues in the Charlotte area such as, The Spot, Fire and Ice, and Tropical Heat. He has even ventured into international waters by ripping the stage at Elwood’s in St. John, New Brunswick in Canada.
This is where history was born in the form of his story aka Edgar Allen Po’etry.


His Story Means History

Set List

15-20 mins.
Requiem ,That's what it is!,Hustler's Mentality,Do Dat, Confusion, Life, Mixed Drinks, The Feel Good, Soul Cleanse, Na-tru-ly, Sugah Watah Thoughtz, So far, Just Live, Goin On, Same ol' Corners, Aw Hell All Hail, Can't Bring Me Down, Bachelors Pad, R.S.V.P., Pofolkzmusesick, Ms. Carolina