Edgar Breau

Edgar Breau

 Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

Edgar Breau is a groundbreaking singer songwriter who founded the legendary internationally acclaimed Canadian proto punk band Simply Saucer. Hailing from Hamilton Ontario, Edgar continues to perform with Simply Saucer as well as in a solo context utilizing an open string fingerstyle technique influenced by American Primitive stylist John Fahey. Edgar's latest CD, Patches of Blue garnered much praise both here and stateside, drawing comparisons to Ray Davies and Syd Barrett.


A Short Bio of Edgar Breau

Edgar Breau is a singer/songwriter hailing from Hamilton Ontario, Canada. Edgar founded Simply Saucer in 1973. Influenced by artists like the Velvet Underground, Pink Flyod and the Stooges, Simply Saucer were perhaps the first Canadian band to perform what would later come to be called proto punk music, joining rock pioneering artists like The Modern Lovers, Television and Patti Smith.
In 1974 at Master Sound Studios (Dan and Bob Lanois) the band recorded demos which would later be belatedly released in 1980 as Cyborgs Revisited to international critical acclaim. UK magazine UNCUT has called Edgar Breau a 'prophetic punk visionary' and in the recent best selling book by CBC entertainment writer, Bob Mersereau, The Top 100 Canadian albums, it finished a stunning #36.

Read more about the incredible story of Simply Saucer by visiting: MySpace/OfficialSimplySaucer or SimplySaucer.com.

After the original Simply Saucer disbanded in 1979, Edgar Breau turned his attention to acoustic guitar and creating original material as a solo artist. Influenced by the playing style of John Fahey, his open tuning compositions are quirky and eclectic. Also heard are influences like Ray Davies, Nick Drake and English folk acts like Pentangle and country blues icon Mississippi John Hurt.

Since 1979 Edgar has performed his original material solo and with backing bands, including tours of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.Edgar continues to perform regularly in the Toronto/Hamilton hub. His 2012 release Patches of Blue garnered excellent reviews here and in the U.S. and nominations in eight catagories in the 2012 Hamilton Music Awards. Edgar performs live with jazz/session singer Colina Phillips (Bruce Cockburn, Anne Murray, Bryan Adams, Jully Black, live with James Taylor)
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Simcoe County Country Girl

Written By: Edgar Breau

She was the kind of lonely girl who forgets in case you lie
I took her to the fields of fire and I told her not to cry
Green cornfields rippled in the playful wind as we lay on our soft bed of sin
Lone stallion kickin' up the sparkling dust as I sealed her winnin' back the long lost trust,
the broken trust of the
Simcoe County Country Girl

And in the house they call desire where all the hungry people go
I walked a tightrope to the stars and I watched the ceiling grow
I pressed her hard on ground unyielding, something snapped and like a clock I came unwound
I never once returned nor said farewell, but the scent of your sweet perfume surrounds me
I can still see your face guess your ghost has found me
and that Simcoe County country air is calling me back there from this tenth rate hell under the spell of that country girl

Maria, the Sea and the Sun

Written By: Edgar Breau

I met her in a seaside cafe,
in a coastal town quaint and tucked out of the way
I lay my hard earned money down
She snatched it up and stuffed it in her prissy gown

I'm with Maria, the sea and the sun
It's ecstasia, 'cause she loves everyone
sweet potpourria of polynesian fun
she panacea and life has just begun

She asked if I could take her home
We'd sing and laugh and dance and never be alone
So I purchased tickets for two
chartered a yacht and sailed from Honolulu
with Maria, the sea and the sun
it's ecstasia 'cause she loves everyone
sweet potpourria of polynesian fun
she panacea on the California run

Now I'm barely living on broken dream avenue
The squalid grey tenements all surround me and there's something wrong
It's been two weeks since my bird has flown
gonna fall down on my knees and pray

I miss Maria, the sea and the sun
and ecstasia 'cause she loves everyone
Sweet potpourria of polynesian fun
She panacea on the California run

I met her in a seaside cafe...
in a coastal town, quaint and tucked out of the way
Now I look for Marie
pretty, pretty...
my, my Marie
so pretty......


Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited (Sonic Unyon) 1989
Simply Saucer - Half Human/Half Live (Sonic Unyon) 2008

Simply Saucer -Baby Nova (Schizophrenic) 2014

Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing (Mammoth Cave) 2013

Simply Saucer - Reckless Agitation (Logans Hardware) 2012

Edgar Breau - Shadows of Ecstasy (Anthology) 1991
Edgar Breau - Canadian Primitive (Songhammer) 2004
Edgar Breau - Patches of Blue (Flying Inn Recordings) 20012

Set List

I perform songs from Canadian Primitive,Patches of Blue along with tracks from my upcoming new release on Flying Inn Recordings, Nothing is Ever Lost. I also do Simply Saucer songs as well, so the whole gamut of a 40 year career.