Edge of Arbor

Edge of Arbor

 Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Edge of Arbor is an indie pop band from Omaha with a passion to create unique grooves. They've got two drummers, which gives the music a thick, sometimes tribal, sound. The songs are complex and layered, but have just enough hook to stay locked in your brain for hours...


Edge of Arbor is an Omaha-based band that fuses folk and pop with a unique approach to indie rock. Using an interesting blend of driving, sometimes tribal, percussion sounds, dynamic melodies, and wailing vocals, Edge of Arbor has evolved to create a musical vibe exclusive to their own. They released their debut EP, "Neon Lit Nights", March 19, 2011.

Since the formation of the band in 2009, Edge of Arbor has been invited to perform at the Mid-American Music Festival, Nebraska Pop Festival, and Omaha Entertainment Awards Showcase. They are one of the most active bands in town... always writing new music, playing shows, and evolving as a band.


"Neon Lit Nights" EP - March 2011

Set List

We typically perform a 45-60 minute set, consisting mostly of our original music.

Sin City
Ambient Noise
Devil on my Right
Your Arms
See Fernando - Jenny Lewis (cover)
He Sees Red
Eggs & Shame