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Edge of Arbor

Omaha, Nebraska, United States | SELF

Omaha, Nebraska, United States | SELF
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Edge of Arbor @ The Waiting Room Lounge

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Edge of Arbor @ Shamrocks Pub & Grill

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Edge of Arbor @ Barley Street Tavern

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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Edge of Arbor, headed by Jessica Errett, offers a new spin on traditional songwriting, drawing influences from a variety of sources: you never know what genre the next song will tackle. Down-to-earth, unpretentious tunes. And they're just fun to watch. Should make for a solid night of music.

The Slowdown, 729 N. 14th St. in Omaha
8:30 p.m.

- Hear Nebraska

Edge of Arbor took the stage with an odd mascot, also present in their promo photos. Think how Humpty Dumpty would look after he fell ... if Humpty Dumpty were a plaid-patterned potato, that is.

Edge of Arbor was fun. That's really all there is to it. Led by Jessica Errett, the group is a prime example of what I'd call "indie twang": a little folk, a little country, a little pop, but pure Nebraska. Errett and the band switched genres fluidly, from the more dreampop feel of "Blur" to the almost honky tonk sound of "Sin City." Elements of tribal percussion were sometimes a bit jarring, but they also added spice.

- Hilary Stohs-Krause - Hear Nebraska

Jessica Errett, the sultry front woman for Edge of Arbor, graced my humble abode a few weeks ago; there she treated the roommates and I to a few acoustic renditions of songs off of the band’s first EP, Neon Lit Nights. If you have not been able to make the trek to the Barley St. in recent weeks for open mic Mondays, where Errett is a regular, then don’t miss their CD release party this Saturday at The Waiting Room, where they’re sure to play through all of their newest songs. -JAMES DERRICK SCHOTT - The Reader

Edge of Arbor
Jessica Errett gets creative in the sauna
By: Marq Manner
Issue: June 10, 2009

Everything is going right for Omaha singer-songwriter Jessica Errett. The young musician has been working her way up through the coffee shop and open mike scene over the past couple of years and is now gigging on bigger stages with her newly formed band the Edge of Arbor. Errett was also a runner-up in this past season’s Scooters Winter Acoustic Series that featured many local songwriters vying for a prize package and bragging rights. The Edge of Arbor’s appealing folk rock sound features the introspective songwriting of a former small town girl looking at her relationships and others around her.

Errett’s songwriting has evolved greatly over the past couple of years and as she and the band continue to grow and expose themselves to a wider audience looking for them to become another success story out of the strong Omaha music scene. Helping that success along is the fact that Errett is one of the most motivated musicians in town and a huge supporter of other musicians in Omaha. The Edge of Arbor will be celebrating the release of their debut disc “Midnight Sun” this Thursday, June 11, at the Waiting Room Lounge with support from Minneapolis songwriter Chris Koza and Omaha acts Third Frate and Tim Wildsmith. I met up with the Edge of Arbor – Jessica, Adam Christensen and bassist Nathan Hall and minus drummer Matthew Shrader at Jake’s Cigars & Spirits and ended up with a lighthearted introduction to the band.

How long have you been writing songs and playing?
Jessica: I have been playing solo in Omaha for the past year and a half. I did some singing in high school back in Iowa.
Nathan: Which doesn’t count.

Where in Iowa are you from?
Jessica: Harlan.
Adam: It’s fertile breeding ground for bands.
Jessica: Well, my high school band teacher is in the Prairie Cats.

When did you decide to go the full band route?
Jessica: I decided about a year ago to record a CD of my original stuff. Matthew added some hand drums and we had a good thing going and so we kept going with it. Then I added Nathan. Adam said his old band was breaking up and so I had him come play with me.
Adam: It was like taking in an orphan.

Why did you decide to go with Edge of Arbor and not use your name in the band title?
Jessica: Well, I guess because people always misspell my last name and I don’t like that. I feel like the guys translated my songs into things I never thought they would become, so I wanted it to be a band.

You guys pressured her into that didn’t you?
Adam: No, it was her suggestion. I was fine with it.
Nathan: It was crunch time. It was time to pick a band name.

How did you choose that band name?
Jessica: I brought the list to them. I made a list while in the sauna. Every person picked out the same name. It was the first time that any of us ever agreed on anything.
Adam: The sauna thing is interesting.
Jessica: You wouldn’t know how many songs I have written in the sauna.

Where did you record the CD?
Jessica: Bassline Studios. We were in there on and off for a half a year. We would do like one day a month.

There are a lot of people recording out of Bassline. What made you choose that studio?
Nathan: Just Tim Cich (studio owner and engineer) in general. He is the dirtiest, dirtiest man you will ever meet. He is a sweetheart, though. He gives great hugs.

How did you come up with the name “Midnight Sun” for the album?
Jessica: It’s from the lyric in one of the songs.

Is there a theme to the album?
Jessica: It’s a collection of songs from the last five years. It’s just something I have been meaning to do for a long time.

Jessica has predominantly been a solo performer up until now. Is the band playing more of a sideman role or is this becoming a group project?
Nathan: She still brings like the main thing. And we just kind of groove on it for a while. We listen to the core thing that she brings and accentuate it.
Adam: There is very little ego in the band. There is a lot of give and take and we always meet in the middle.

Has Jessica brought any songs to practice that you vetoed?
Adam: That hasn’t happened yet.
Nathan: We would tell her. She is open to rearranging stuff.

Safe answers! Your drummer Matthew Shrader has not shown up – what is he about?
Nathan: Matthew has more percussion toys than anyone I have ever seen.
Jessica: It makes practice fun.
Adam: He is the most musically diverse person I know.

What other bands have you guys played in?
Jessica: Roundin’ the Posse. I am still in that band. We don’t play a lot. We play country and rock covers and original songs.
Nathan: My main band is Third Frate. We do cover shows that go to all the small towns. We do every good obscure rock song you could think of. My other band Death of a Taxpayer is starting up. It’s kind of an anti-establishment band.
Adam: My most recent notable band would have been Justin Cro - Omaha City Weekly


"Neon Lit Nights" EP - March 2011



Edge of Arbor is an Omaha-based band that fuses folk and pop with a unique approach to indie rock. Using an interesting blend of driving, sometimes tribal, percussion sounds, dynamic melodies, and wailing vocals, Edge of Arbor has evolved to create a musical vibe exclusive to their own. They released their debut EP, "Neon Lit Nights", March 19, 2011.

Since the formation of the band in 2009, Edge of Arbor has been invited to perform at the Mid-American Music Festival, Nebraska Pop Festival, and Omaha Entertainment Awards Showcase. They are one of the most active bands in town... always writing new music, playing shows, and evolving as a band.