Edge Of Earth

Edge Of Earth


Edge of Earth is an energetic grunge rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Their debut album "In My Shadow" has been receiving outstanding reviews and will be released in stores, October 11, 2008.


THE HIATUS IS OVER!!!!! After 12 months of recording, Edge of Earth have emerged from the confines of artificially lit sound proof rooms with a bunch of new musical concoctions and a brand new album which shall be known from here forth as IN MY SHADOW.

Troy Cravigan, Mike Sheppard, Drew Corby and Jacob Smith are Edge of Earth. Collectively they write, record and perform a blend of hard-hitting 90’s and life inspired Rock while contributing Vocals/Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass and Drums respectively.

Edge of Earth formed in early 2003 and after 18 months of writing songs and cutting their teeth on the stage of nearly every original music venue the city of Brisbane, Australia, had to offer they independently recorded and released the EP “End of New Rock” in late 2004. By the end of 2005 the band had gathered a dedicated underground following, released a HD music video, appeared on television, had a couple of tunes being spun on commercial and college radio stations in Australia and the USA and had the attention of Major record companies. The growing momentum the band was building come to a sudden halt when Lee Wilkes (former lead guitarist) left the band in December of 2005.

In January of 2006 the band started looking for a new lead guitarist, many guitarists were auditioned but there was a clear standout when Mike Sheppard put his hand up for the spot. Already known by the band Mike was one of Brisbane’s most respected guitar teachers, he also brought a wealth of gear and experience to the band including a high-end private recording studio. According to Troy, Jacob and Drew the fact he could juggle 3 tennis balls in one hand while tap “thunderstruck’ on the guitar with the other was the real reason he was given the gig though. The studio and the ability of being able to play all our songs after one rehearsal were just bonuses.

Edge of Earth now complete again, all of 2006 was spent rediscovering the EDGE OF EARTH sound and live show through a heavy gig schedule which saw the band play countless shows across Australia. Mid 2006 courtesy of the myspace phenomenon the EP received an unexpected resurgence. Thanks to myspace the band now has fans, friends and new family in pretty much every country on planet earth. Edge of Earth has since become one of Australia’s most listened to and successful bands on myspace.com with a following of around 50,000 and plays approaching one million.

Returning from a tour of Queensland in January of 2007 the band took stock of their ever-growing hunger to record an album and failure to lock down a record deal that was right for them. It had been suggested in order to be signed they change their sound and become an emo band by one A&R rep. Deciding that having a shower every day was already hard work for any male. Eyeliner just wasn’t going to happen. So they set themselves the task of recording an international broadcast quality record without industry support. They poured $120000 into more high-end recording equipment for Mike’s studio to form a perfect environment for tracking guitars, vocals and bass without time pressures. Drums were tracked at Brisbane’s Yooniq studio, arguably Australia’s best live room and Aria award winning engineer Anthony Lycenko was called in to pull the drum sound. The album was then mixed by Mike and Troy and later mastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound in New York.

It’s a long time overdue and every single resource, favour and emotion all four members had available has been spent making the album IN MY SHADOW. The album is the culmination of many, many years of hard work and dedication. Every song on the record has a true story and regardless of what is currently trendy this album is exactly how Edge of Earth wanted Edge of Earth to sound.


End Of New Rock (CD/EP) 2005
In My Shadow (CD/ALBUM) 2008

Set List

Up to 2 hours of Original music

1. Scarecrow
2. Without You
3. Revolution
4. Over Exposed
5. The Otherside
6. All for Nothing
7. Never noticed
8. House Of Cards
9. In My Shadow
10. Time
11. The End

12. Just Another Believer
13. The Search
14. Saviour
15. Life Train
16. I Lost My Way
17. Start Again
18. What Are You Looking For
19. Too Late
20. Ghost
21. Forget Myself
22. Controlling the World with Television