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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Todd Helvig - Distill (2007)"

I've saved Todd for last because... well this type of artist can be really hard to describe. He has a classic rock voice. But his songs are far from that. They are passionate acoustic pieces that don't draw us in with hooks, but with the... passion (there's that word again). It almost feels like these are classic rock and roll songs turned acoustic. Bring on the band and you blow out the doors. But I like it better this way. Todd bares his soul for us, and you don't get that with leather and two drum kits. I'm willing to bet that he is one to see in concert. If you're in the Colorado area, you can check him out live, otherwise, you can pick up his CDs at http://www.toddhelvig.com .

http://thepromiselive.blogspot.com/2007/08/new-music-in-july.html - The Promise Live

"Todd Helvig on New Artist Radio"

Todd's music is a wonderful blend of acoustic/rock with a fresh lighthearted sound blowing through your soul like a wind in the rocky mountains. The vocals on this cd are without a doubt some of the best I have ever heard. Todd is like the lead guitar in a rock music song, mixing with the music to create a simple yet powerful sound. The poetry of the lyrics are well written, they hit your soul right in it's soft spot sparking emotions to the surface.

This music is a little hard to push into any one genre, with its ever present acoustic sound mixed with a pop/rock and folk you might just be listening to a new type of music. I had to include a photo of Todd because he looks like my little brother Rich. This didn't influence my review in any way since my brother can't sing and Todd can sing his heart out and more.

I would recommend this CD to anyone that want's music that moves your emotions.

http://www.newartistradio.net/cdreviews/dark/todd_helvig-a_stones_throw.htm - New Artist Radio


"Todd Helvig is the young Bob Dylan of our day, writing songs of substance and passion; they have the ability to evoke deep emotion. With his compelling vocals, you will find yourself humming these tunes all day long. Todd is an inspiration to the songwriting community!"

~Mike Worthington (the 10PM band) - www.toddhelvig.com

"BBS Radio review"

"You are one of the few artists I've heard (and I've heard 'em all) that manages to pull off a simple acoustic (a guitar only) as the stage for your wonderful music. I simply loved the melodies, your voice, the arrangements, and the way your music made me feel. Your voice is astounding! I was amazed! I was hypnotized! And I thank you for that! - You should be a star!" - Douglas Newsom ~ BBSradio.com


Edge of the World
- Currently in the studio working on their first full-length CD release which includes the songs posted here on sonicbids.

Todd Helvig
- Distill (2007) - Solo CD w/ digital distribution for singles. Really, it's 15 cuts of raw, intense, solo acoustic material.
- A Stones Throw (2006) - 1st Solo cd; songs in which Todd played all recorded instrumentation capturing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, percussion, lead vocals, and harmony.
- Teachings of Mu Arae (2004) - remixed in 2005, compilation of solo songs remixed from Todd's transition from band (Celophayne) to solo project.
- Anyway (2004) - Celophayne's (Todd's second band) debut CD featuring Todd Helvig as the frontmant, lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for a band on its way to the chopping block.

Charlie Miller
- Vocation (2008), a bad-ass collection of original jazz tunes in a head-on collision of Miles vs. Monk. Ten seconds into the first track you know you're in for a hellofa ride.

Josh Williamson
- solo album information being updated



In the beginning there was the solo singer/songwriter (Todd Helvig) peddling through the local coffee shops and bookstores. Charlie (Keys, Trumpet) hit a Helvig gig at the local tavern (Cricket on the Hill) where Todd was playing, and the two conspired to build a project. When Josh Williamson (Drums) joined on a few months later, EOTW became official. Interestingly, all of the guys in the band were skilled musicians in their formative years. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), life took them each down roads that swept them away from music only to have them drift back again. Now, a little wiser for the wear, the guys of EOTW are committed to their new perspective, fresh vibe, and unique sense of sound. It's folksy, singer/songwriter meets acoustic rock 'n rhythm with full-on jazz/contemporary-alternative stylings.

If you've been diligently praying for a Clay Aiken/Ting Ting tour to stop in your town, you might not be ready for EOTW; Dave Matthews & O.A.R....possibly. In fact, if you crave emotive, thoughtful, and musically independent songwriting as an extension of your own journey, EOTW is your new favorite band.

Performing Live along the front range of the Rockies, there's only one reason to check out EOTW: The honest craft of music. Not easily defined, but easily identified, EOTW raises the bar for independent music everywhere.