Edgerly Road

Edgerly Road


Take alternative rock and jazz. Combine them, and beat the result with an ugly stick. It's singer/songwriter music, played over rock grooves with jazz chords.


Edgerly Road is a four-piece Post-Folk Indie Rock Jazzcore act from Boston, Massachusetts. Originally known as “Redlight Rumors” in early 2009, they changed their name to “Edgerly Road” in October of 2009 after all moving into an apartment on the street of the same name. Edgerly Road features four young Berklee College of Music students: Joel Sutton on vocals and guitar, Sean Peters on keys and vocals, Z.J. Olivarez on bass, and Carl Harkness on the drums. Joel’s introspective songs and fluid guitar arrangements blend with Sean’s jazz piano voicings and the aggressive rhythms of Z.J. and Carl, with the vocals floating throughout as a purr, a growl, or a scream. The songs conjure images both beautiful and grotesque; span subjects that are challenging, alienating, sometimes unintelligible; and paint soundscapes both serene and chaotic.

Each musician brings different influences into the process. Joel, a bass player by trade, comes from an almost exclusively rock background, drawing inspiration from acts including (but not limited to) Muse, Iron & Wine, and Yoav, to name a few. Sean, a jazz trumpeter with a soft spot for piano-vocal performers like Billy Joel and Elton John, is equally influenced by jazz greats like Miles Davis or Charlie Parker as indie rockers Elbow, or the Decemberists. Z.J., after years playing electric guitar in Austin-based rock act, Death Got Killed, brings highly varied influences ranging from Dave Matthews Band to Stevie Ray Vaughn to classical composers, Tchaikovsky or Schroenburg. Carl doesn’t have musical influences, he just plays the drums and eats a lot of sandwiches.

Their music weaves these influences and myriad talents on various instruments into a simple, but engaging musical experience. They groove, they swing, they switch instruments, they laugh, and play their mixed passions into each song they perform.

In person, these four young men are charming, awkward, amusing, and impossibly sweet. They are friends first, room mates second, and band mates forever. With ever-indulged passions and enough lyrical angst to drown every sixteen-year-old in America, these Berklee rockers are excited to give all they have to any audience that will listen and bring every fan home, to Edgerly Road.


Several of our songs can be heard on the Myspace.

1. Rattle the Cage
2. January
3. Lifespan of Lovers
4. Friends (Zombies!)

Set List

1. Rattle the Cage
2. Good Morning, Gorgeous
3. A Theme Piece
4. LIfespan of Lovers
5. The Brighter Side
6. Lovely Words
7. January
8. Friends (Zombies!)
9. Blam!
10. Song About Me
11. How We'll Feel Tomorrow
12. God, Forget the Underdog
13. Tribes
14. A Mother's Song
15. Dear Self
16. The Obvious

1. Faith - George Michael
2. Ruby Falls - Guster
3. Stab City - As Tall as Lions