Edgewater Hotel

Edgewater Hotel

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

The last six months have seen Edgewater Hotel perform at both The Garrison and Coalition as well as record and self-produce their debut EP, For Sale. Edgewater has combined their punk rock roots with a modern sound to create something altogether unique, raw, and powerful. Edgewater gives Headquarters a dirtier edge, a bit of grime for those thirsty for the rock bands of days past.


Edgewater Hotel is an alternative rock band born out of the eclectic independent music scene of downtown Toronto. With a love for hard-hitting, theatrical music, Edgewater Hotel has become known for their high-energy performances, unique sound and tight musical execution.

Edgewater has consistently provided captivating performances at a variety of venues across Toronto over the past three years including The Opera House, The Horseshoe Tavern, The Velvet Underground, Lee's Palace, Sneaky Dee's, The Drake Hotel and The Silver Dollar Room. Recently giving a landmark performance at local Toronto music hub The Garrison, where Edgewater celebrated the release of their self-produced debut EP, For Sale. This musical venture represents the band's thirst for an original sound and showcases the diversity of their songwriting capabilities. While also available on iTunes, physical copies of For Sale are presented in boutique packaging featuring art by local photographer Adam Freire and graphic artist Gabriel Altrows. Available at the Headquarters Cooperative's (www.headquarterscooperative.com), online store, over one hundred physical copies have been sold to date.

Currently Edgewater Hotel is preparing their January 9th performance at The Silver Dollar Room alongside The Nursery and The Dead Projectionists while also working towards the completion of their second studio effort. With singles to be released in the spring of 2015.

Official Website - www.edgewaterhotelmusic.com 

Facebook - www.facebook.com/edgewaterhotel

Twitter - @EWHband

Bandcamp - www.bandcamp.com/edgewaterhotel