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“edikt groov’s” sound is eclectic, self-proclaimed Organic Hip-Hop. The lyrical content is Word rich, a neo-soul vibe, the special ingredient is the brilliant mix of sounds from nature. The vision; to touch the world through music while upholding the fundamentals that Jesus saves.


Fresh and like no other! You heard that… an open mix of soul and hip-hop with a gospel feel to it. It is edikt groov•

Pierre Mayo, the visionary and founder of edikt groov•, is a Recording Institute of Detroit graduate who has an astounding gift of God stirring in his spirit. Mayo, a Producer, began to collaborate on some projects with Travon Brooks in early 2000. It was a genesis awaiting God's time.

Three years later, obeying the sound and God’s given vision, Pierre brought in Eyan Stephens, the "Jamaican Crooner", whose velvet style was a perfect complement to the angelic Travon.

However, edikt groov• was not yet complete. An element was still missing. In confirmed timing, that link was to feature an awesome neophyte, lyricist/rapper, Earl "E-Cree" Hunt. Creatively, audibly, and aesthetically the group was ready!

Now they are not only a group, but also a family that is firm on the foundation of the Word of God, which is always the straight edge by which they try to direct themselves both publicly and privately.
The group’s sound is eclectic. They are self-proclaimed Organic Hip-Hop. The lyrical content
is Word rich, musically a neo-soul vibe, and the special ingredient is the brilliant mix of the sounds from nature. The vision is to touch the world with a new sound upholding the ever-standing fundamentals that Jesus saves. edikt groov• has performed with God’s Army, King Ray, Elijah – The Preacher's Son, and for the Annual Michigan’s Dream Cruise. They are currently preparing for tours of St. Lucia and the Midwestern United States. Heights are even higher with their impending debut single October, 2004...this is edikt groov•



Rock Solid/Danger Zone (1990)
Sin Assassin (1992)
Black Plague (1995)
Urban Science (1997)

Set List

Typical set consist of one to three songs (5 - 20 mins) from up coming album, depending on allotted time given.