Edinbergh is a melodic Indie/Rock/Pop touring act based out of Oklahoma.


Edinbergh has been together for over 3 years and averages 150 regional and national shows per year, touring with artist ranging from A Day to Remember (Victory Records) to Showbread (Tooth and Nail Records). Their music has attracted responses from well known industry personnel around the country. The band is a 2 time nominee for the annual, prestigious SPOT award, and has made appearances at Cornerstone Fest, The Gospel Music Awards, and DFEST. Edinbergh's music has also been featured on both 104.5 The Edge and 100.3 The Kross radio stations. Currently they are writing and preparing to track their latest record with collaboration from former "Guardian" guitarist, Tony Palacios and former "Descendents" member Stephen Egerton; this project has already garnered the radio services of Donna Delsesto (IHS Promotions).


TobyMac (Gotee Records)
Newsboys (INPOP Records)
Falling Up (Tooth and Nail Records)
Farewell (Epitaph Records)
Quietdrive (Epic Records)
John Reuben (Gotee Records)
Morning Call (Drive Thru Records)
Maylene and the Son's of Disaster (Mono vs Stero Records)
Daphne Loves Derby
Number One Gun (Tooth and Nail Records)
Rookie of the Year (One Eleven Records)
Spoken (Tooth and Nail Records)
Waking Ashland (Immortal Records)
The Future of Forestry (Credential Records)
Hawk Nelson (Tooth and Nail Records)
Sherwood (Myspace Records)
A Day to Remember (Victory Records)
Turn Off the Stars (Credential Records)
The Umbrellas (The Militia Group Records)
The Finalist (Maverick Records)
Run Kid Run (Tooth and Nail Records)
Desole (Abicus Records)
House of Heroes (Mono vs Stero Records)
The Myriad (Koch Records)
Showbread (Tooth and Nail Records)
A Dream Too Late (Tooth and Nail Records)
Flee the Seen (Facedown Records)
Kids in the Way (Flicker Records)
Dizmas (Forefront Records)
Edison Glass (Credential Records)
Morning September (Floodgate Records)
The Send (Tooth and Nail Records)
The Wedding (Brave New World Records)
Take It Back (Facedown Records)
Tokyo Rose (Sidecho Records)
Deas Vail (Brave New World Records)
Hundred Year Storm (Floodgate Records)
Nevertheless (Flicker Records)
Chasing Victory (Mono Vs. Stereo Records)
Capital Lights (Tooth and Nail Records)


2006- "Like Bringing a Knife to Gun Fight"
2005- "Self Titled" EP featuring guest vocals by Kevin Keihn of The Wedding (Brave New World Records)
2005- "DFEST Compilation" featuring Sherwood (Myspace Records) and Lovedrug (Militia Group Records)

Set List

Song Titles:

1. Piece for the Man with Everything to Lose
2. Trust and Deviance
3. House of Glass
4. Enter: Blade that Bleeds the City
5. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
6. Kiss for a Rainy Day
7. The Cataclysm Situation (Meltdown)
8. Like Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight
9. Love Songs and Dance Floors
10. The Hourglass Never Lies
11. Basket Case in the Confessional
12. This Got Worse Before it Got Better
13. Anatomy of Breaking the Rules

Our sets are typically between 45 mins and an hour

(No covers, all originals)