Edison Hollow

Edison Hollow

Detroit, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020

Detroit, Michigan, United States
Established on Jan, 2020
Band Rock Hard Rock




"Music Video Premiere"

Edison Hollow is a tightly wound and energetic four piece from Detroit that balances a hard-hitting guitar attack with emotionally charged vocals distinguished by clever, ironic lyrics.

The outgrowth of an earlier unit that featured three of its four current members, the group broke out with a well-received eponymous debut album in 2020 that garnered equally enthusiastic reception by live audiences.

Capitalizing on that momentum, the Hollows now release a new track, “What’s So Funny?”, that demonstrates their penchant for irony with verses that call for people to be magnanimous. (If Elvis Costello were from Detroit and….rocked….he might have come up with a gem like this track.)

Rock at Night is proud to have the exclusive world debut for the single’s supporting video, which sees the the band members frolicking in the shadow of Detroit landmarks past and present.

Edison Hollow are:

Tyler Chernoff — lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jordon Stockdale — lead guitar, backing vocals
David Alan Vida — bass, backing vocals
Aaryn Lindow — drums - Rock at Night Magazine

"Live in the D with Edison Hollow"

Detroit is known for Motown, jazz, techno, and do not forget about rock music, think of groups like MC5 or Jack White. Metro Detroit has plenty of rock bands and today on Music Monday we showcased a group that has a few shows coming up.

Aaryn Lindow and Tyler Chernoff from Edison Hollow joined Live In The D Host Jason Carr to talk about their band.

Chernoff says Edison Hollow is a rock band from Southgate, Michigan that is trying to bring the realest rock-and-roll to their hometown and represent it accurately.

Their latest single is called “What’s So Funny?” and the music video showcases many iconic Detroit landmarks. It’s fun to watch and see all the familiar sights in Detroit. You can watch the video below.

Lindow says the band released an album at the start of the pandemic and was live streaming their performances. He also says it is all about keeping yourself going and putting the work in one way or another. - Click on Detroit

"Edison Hollow Release A Good Vibe Single, "What's So Funny?""

Detroit brings a hustling, bustling, and downright compelling electric rock band to the music world, and they go by the name Edison Hollow.

Consisting of members Tyler Chernoff (lead vocals, rhythm guitar,) Jordon Stockdale (lead guitar, backing vocals,) David Alan Vida (bass, backing vocals), and Aaryn Lindow (drums,) Edison Hollow are known to take on an eclectic, melodic style that stimulates many senses. Their latest blood-pumping release, "What's So Funny? (Pearl Mix)," offers a simplistic narrative with fun and rousing rhythms.

"What's So Funny?" brings a toe-tapping melody right from the jump, and Tyler's vocals offer the perfect explosive range you'd expect from any great rock artist. First, expect a slow-paced piece to guide you into the song. Then, prepare for a severe blood rush once you arrive at the chorus, as Edison Hollow doesn't hold back with their vigor, and in the process, proves their stamina is shockingly high.

Recorded with David Misevith of Oxide Audio at Tuxedo Avenue Studios, "What's So Funny?" was meant to be straightforward with its meaning. Picture the incredible turmoil many endured during the past year. Now, picture the collection of emotions that ensued. "What's So Funny?" as a means to get the idea that everyone should love themselves and each other all the same, as well as project kindness wherever one can.

Edison Hollow's song is paired with a music video release, in which the band captures the essence of the song in a picturesque way. Filmed and edited by Kevin Lynch, the video for "What's So Funny?" took place at many locations, including The Grande Ballroom and the Sacred Heart Seminary. All in all, you're in for a real treat with Edison Hollow, whether that's with the pure auditory experience or with their visual experience, "What's So Funny?" will succeed in affecting listeners either way. - Buzz Music

"Corktown Music Fest 2022"

Two words come to mind when thinking about the performance by Edison Hollow at the Corktown Music Festival: Holy Shit! I wanted to see this band for the longest time after seeing them play a quarantine show online with Grove Studio and talking with them on Fans With Bands. Their guitar forward hard-edged music is pure rock fury.

Edison Hollow not only jam hard, but they also put on one hell of a rock show. Between blazing guitar solos, Jordan is headbanging, jumping, and engaging with everyone upfront. He even takes his guitar into the crowd to ensure everyone gets into the show. With the vocal power of Robert Plant and the stage presence of Roger Daltrey in his prime, Tyler commands the stage and has us all in the palm of his hand. Meanwhile, with no less energy or power, David (bass) and Aaryn (drums) put the hammer down with muscle car rhythms that burn up the stage. If you want to experience the full monty of rock music, get to a show by Edison Hollow. - Life in Michigan


Edison Hollow - Self Titled LP (2020)


Bad Things (2021 Single)


What's So Funny? (2021 Single)




Edison Hollow is a four part machine designed to amaze, astound and otherwise stupefy. Bringing you some of the freshest takes on classic sounds with energy that is hard pressed to be matched, the fast growing group leaves scorched earth where ever they play. Whether it's a big outdoor festival or a small intimate dive, Edison Hollow will blow you away.

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