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"Tour of dutie"

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http://www.armedforcesentertainment.com/Documents/RollingStoneLR5-31-07.pdf?id=3008091 - Rolling Stone Magazine

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(Mainline Nation,2005)
(Mainline Nation,2005)
Style: Modern rock
Format: Ep
Website: www.myspace.com/ed...
Reviewed by: Kaj Roth


It's real easy to get attention from modern rock freaks in a review,I just have to mention that this band features members of Splender and Duncan Sheik and I've got you hooked instantly!
Yeah,that's right we find former Splender guitarist Jonathan Svec and former Duncan Sheik drummer Tim Newton in this quartet,Jay Salley plays the bass.
New York based Edison has recorded a real strong 7 track EP simply titled "7" with downtuned guitars,atmospheric arrangements and soaring vocals from talented singer Ethan Isaac.

Not that the music reminds that much of Splender (Svec only wrote a few songs in that band,Waymon Boone was mainly their songwriter),no Edison combines the elements of Silverchair and Caviar in a tasteful way.
All from the megaheavy "Breathe" to classic modern rock in "Something you should know" plus capacity of making great ballads like the closing track "Fallen".
My choice for a single release is the supermelodic pop candy of "Ocean waves" but maybe you're gonna fall in love with the anthemic "Voices".....well as you can see,7 songs aren't enough - I want more!

- kaj Roth


Bullet Proof Wings



Angaben in Deutsch siehe unten!

Like their namesake, Edison strives for invention and passion in the music they create. Their hard-driving sound is roots-based and organic, yet earsplitting. Edison celebrates an ever-endangered brand of underground rock-n-roll spirit. In an era in which much of modern rock has devolved into digitized pre-fab anger management, Edison understands that a thorny dose of raw emotion, searing imagery, and fully developed sonic arrangements are the wellspring from which true cutting edge music flows.
Edison is a combination of raw talent, musical education, and on-the-road experience, with vocalist Ethan Isaac, guitarist Joel Kelley, drummer Todd Budich, and bassist Martin Delahaye. Both Isaac and Kelley got their start in the upstate NY music scene, Isaac with rock band Wooden, and Kelley with High Tower. Drummer Budich hails from Berklee College of Music, adding a formal education to a band rife with natural musical ability and passion. Delahaye’s previous band, 202, was signed to Sony Records, and has toured extensively in South America, opening for bands including Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson and Incubus. Delahaye has also recorded with different artists on over ten albums for record labels such as Sony, BMG and EMI-Virgin. Most recently, Delahaye recorded bass tracks for Lil Wayne’s upcoming album.
Edison has gained a sound reputation both internationally and domestically. The popularity of the band is skyrocketing, with widespread press from the Wall Street Journal, ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pollstar, The NY Post, and Fuse. In the past two years, Edison has toured extensively in Europe and Australia. They've also played numerous shows for US troops on five separate tours in war zones and on bases spanning Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Djibouti, Italy, Germany and other trying locations. Edison’s support for the troops has not only been an international event, however. In 2007, the band played a nationally publicized show for the US Navy in the heart of Times Square during Fleet Week. They've shown continued support of the troops during Fleet Week with shows in both 2008 and 2009.
In 2006, the band recorded an EP, Seven, that produced several critically acclaimed singles, including "Ocean Waves," which received airplay on college and commercial radio stations throughout various markets, from Woodstock's own WDST, to Albany's beacon rock station, WHRL. In May 2009, Edison released Bullet Proof Wings and the tracks are already receiving airplay. Over the summer the band will again tour Europe and included in their schedule is an opening gig for American rock band, Hinder.
Edison keeps things fresh by creating timeless, message-driven songs free from the formulaic trappings of copycat pop iconography. Their music is vital and essential, and hibernating fanatics might just be convinced to crawl back out of their burrows and restore rock-n-roll to its rightful place.


Die Band Edison strebt ebenso wie ihr Namensvetter, nach Erfolg und Leidenschaft in der Musik, die sie komponieren. Ihr Klang und einzigartiger Lebensstil ist bodenstaendig und HARDDRIVING. Lebendig, aber ohrenbetaeubend, zelebriert Edison eine laengst gefaehrdete Art von Rock-n-Roll Musik. In einem Zeitalter, in dem viel moderne Rockmusik von veraergerten Managmenets digital und vorfabriziert hergestellt wird, versteht es Edison, dass eine dornige Dosis von rauhem Gefuehl, trockenem Imgae und vollstaendig entwickelten Klangarrangemets der Urquell von ehrlicher und guter Musik sind.

Dies ist eine intensiv fesselnde Live-Band, welche sich eine grosse regionale Anhaengerschaft der mystischen Szene aufgebaut hat. Saenger Ethan Isaac und Gitarrist Jonathan Svec taten sich mit Schlagzeuger Todd Mathieu Budich und Bassist Anton zusammen um Edison zu gruenden.

Die Jahre, die Ethan gemeinsam mit der Band Wooden getourt ist und Musik aufgenommen hat, vermischen sich perfekt mit Jonathans fantastischen und geschickten Visionen, welche sich waehrend seiner jahrelangen Erfahrung in der Welt der Rockmusik entwickelt haben.

Von verschiedenen Teilen des Landes bejubelt, hat sich Edison in einer beruehmten Cowboy Ranch in den Blackheld Mountains im Staat New York niedergelassen. Als sie voller Hoffnung und Tatendrang dort ankamen, hat die Band und ihre Freunde eine magische Underground-Szene neu erfunden, oder besser gesagt, wiederbelebt. Nahezu sofort entwickelte sich die Unterkunft, nun als „Die Ranch“ bekannt, zu einem hochgeschaetzten Treffpunkt fuer Musiker und Fans gleichermassen.

Seit diesem Zeitpunkt ging die Gemeinschaft von aufnehmenden Kuenstlern und Darstellern dazu ueber, nicht nur lokale Talente mit einzubeziehen, sondern ebenso eine Reihe nationaler Acts wie zum Beispiel die Parliament Funkadelic, Mitglieder der Lenny Kravitz Band, die B-52’s oder die Dave Matthews Band.

Edisons erste Single, Ocean Wav