Edison's lab

Edison's lab


Edison's Lab is an original progressive rock band that features former members of Yes Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye on on their newly released Self titled EP with deep songs that drive with musicianship.


Edison's Lab originally formed in 1994 by one former (Geoff Ashton) and two then-current members of Audio Disturbances (Schweizer and Lazo). They were then joined by another Audio Disturbances member, Bill Duncan, in 1995. The band was a studio band, which gained some moderate college radio airplay (including from WVUM) in Florida. The band went into a very extended hibernation, beginning in 1997, but then became active again in 2009. Recording on a new album began in earnest in early 2011 and an EP was released in Dec., 2012. Various guests appear on the new songs, including Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye (both formerly of Yes and currently of Circa:) with Chris Pinnick (formerly of Chicago) slated to appear on the album. A couple other new faces to the band will be players already very familiar to the band: Brian Hampton (formerly of Audio Disturbances), in addition to Stan Kebel (formerly of Saints&Sinners).
CREDITS: Bill Duncan, guitar, bass and vocals ***** ***** Kurt Schweizer, drums and backing vocals *****Stan Kebel, bass on live versions and guitar on 17/8 Live*****Brian Hampton, first guitar solo on "Tommy John Surgery" and bass on "New Live Blues Jam"****Geoff Ashton, lead and backing vocals (1994-97, 2011)***** Lazaro Lazo, bass and guitar (1994-97, guest in 2011) ***** *****with Billy Sherwood (lead and backing vocals) on "Up From The Underneath" and "Difference" and (keyboards) on "17/8"*****with Tony Kaye (organ) on "Difference" ***** with Fleet Starbuck (guitar) on "Internal Affairs" *****


Edison's Lab self titled EP