Edith Grove

Edith Grove


Americana music to take you down the back roads. Edith Grove is a mostly female quartet featuring cello and harmony vocals on original songs about whiskey, traveling and trains.


Murder ballads, the Rolling Stones and Vivaldi all meet up on the Americana frontier. Heartbreak, rye whiskey and wheels that won't quit turning are etched across the songs on Edith Grove's second album, Highway of Diamonds. This high energy band takes the audience back to the 1800s in Arkansas as Hanging Judge Parker takes another life and then fast forwards to a rain soaked New Mexico highway that splits through the Plains of St. Augustine.

Edith Grove takes influences ranging from Dylan to traditional folk to classical music and forges their own identity. This is a musical world where the trains never stop running, the whiskey bottle is never empty and old cars always have a few more miles left in them. Three-part harmonies, soaring cello lines and Amanda Kooser's world weary voice trademark a band that reinvents traditional Americana themes in songs that sound both contemporary and timeless. They have played a variety of gigs from festivals to club shows to opening for Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Edith Grove's new album, Highway of Diamonds, was recorded by Brett Sparks of the Handsome Family at Handsome Family Studios in Albuquerque, NM.



Written By: Amanda Kooser

From Highway of Diamonds

I am sailing away on a highway paved in silver
I am descending slow down the far side of the mountain
and I will drive as far as I can before my vision fails, darlin'

in the still of a September evening laden with rain
with the plains of St. Augustine cloaked in fog all around me
I can't escape from the dark that shades your sad lovely eyes, darlin'

I will drive all the lonesome way to Magdalena
I will sit in an old brick diner by the highway
and you will still be there in the reflections shifting across the glass, darlin'

and should you be some where on a far grey road in New Mexico
and the sky should split open with fire born from nothing
will you think of me and what could have been if you'd gambled and won, darlin'

Easy Way to Say Goodbye

Written By: Amanda Kooser

From Highway of Diamonds

the trees are turning on the hill in Fayetteville
I'm walking up Dickson with a scarf around my neck
it doesn't take many steps to make it home
it doesn't take many steps to get gone

when I choose between a highway and a home
when it comes down to a guitar or your love
I promise that I'll always choose the road
I will be the one that will leave you alone

this is the kind of journey I can't share
it just lives in the songs I leave behind
that fade away in the minds of my friends
and people that will never see me again

I don't think there's an easy way to say goodbye
so I'll just say it soft and quiet
I'm bound for long worried miles
goodbye, love, goodbye

Slow It Down

Written By: Amanda Kooser

From Highway of Diamonds

you remind me of the railroad bridge
stretching over the Arkansas river
all through the quiet night there’s no one else around

I dangle my feet in the air
hear the ghosts of trains rumble
watch as the station lights burn out

I don’t want to want you anymore
I don’t want to want you anymore
slow it down, slow it down, baby, down

so we met under smoke rings
talked til the bars closed down
went walking in the autumn streets at night

I never got to touch your face
all that air in between our bodies
how could you let me fade away


some night as you sleep
a Zephyr will invade your dreams
and that will be the sound of me
slipping away through the air



2003 - Cravin' Love for Blazin' Speed, debut album
2006 - Highway of Diamonds, Spring 2006 - advance copies available

Set List

Edith Grove typically covers 1 to 3 45-minutes sets depending on the need of the venue. Songs are mostly original, with some traditionals including Man of Constant Sorrow, Little Maggie, Rye Whiskey and Sittin' on Top of the World. We throw in the occasional cover song such as Bruce Springsteen's I'm on Fire in three-part harmony and a down and dirty version of Willie Dixon's Spoonful.