Edith Grove & Bottle Tree

Edith Grove & Bottle Tree


Americana music to take you down the back roads.


Americana music to take you down the back roads.

Rock, traditional folk and old school country all get together at a road house on the lost highway. Edith Grove draws on her roots reaching back through Illinois, Arkansas and New Mexico to weave songs that pulse with heartbreak, rye whiskey and wheels that won't quit turning. With the band Bottle Tree, Edith takes listeners through the ghost-haunted Ozark Mountains, above the flooded streets of New Orleans and across a moon soaked prairie in the newest album, Days of Rain.

Stripped down drums, sinuous bass lines and a world weary voice are etched across songs that sound both contemporary and timeless. This is a musical journey where the trains never stop running, the whiskey bottle is never empty and old cars always have a few miles left in them. Edith Grove has played a variety of gigs from the Thirsty Ear Festival to opening for Crosby, Stills & Nash and the Handsome Family.

Edith Grove's third album, Days of Rain, was recorded by Brett Sparks of the Handsome Family at Handsome Family Studios in Albuquerque, NM.


Days of Rain

Written By: Edith Grove/Amanda Kooser

step down from the sidewalk
step down to the street
leave your heart at the crossing
and come along through the quiet with me

out across the city lines
under a red and black night sky
above the stars break through
like bonfires strung along the walls of heaven

we wait at the end of the days of rain
we wait at the end of the days of rain

it’s humid in Illinois
in a summer electric storm
the sound of horses
on the hardpack of the fallow fields

you’re swimming along in dreams
wrapped into the hollow heat
I came back here for you
but I came back days beyond too late

we wait at the end of the days of rain
we wait at the end of the days of rain

I hear your footsteps
soft on the prairie
as the rain catches against the sky
the darkness of our surroundings
breaks apart in a jagged light

Sway of the Fray

Written By: Edith Grove/Amanda Kooser

did you get lost in the sway of the fray
did the sun crash down in the muddy river wake
the click of an empty
the blood in your ear
the days just slide by like nothing

come back to the rust and iron town
one shot to bring the deer down

there's red lights on wires above your head
black smoke ribbons sliver in the air
remember the sight
of the towering tree line
the cold air burning on your tongue

come back to the rust and iron town
one shot to bring the deer down

we bow our heads into the rising wind
make way for the soul of one abandoned

come back to the rust and iron town
one shot to bring the deer down

Lonesome Dawn

Written By: Edith Grove/Amanda Kooser

Yes, I was laying in your arms
Dawn stalled on the horizon
This is how moments become lifetimes
And linger like ashes in your mind

There’s a switching yard down south
Freight trains gather in the dusk
I can see you by the box cars
Feel you breathing in the night

Take your roses
Take your untamed promises
Leave me to the lonesome dawn

Now the desert may run dry
the monsoons never come again
But I would have stayed by your side
In your arms, your heart, your bed

I can see you as a young man
On the Texas borderline
Running away on the rails
Still running away from me tonight



Written By: Edith Grove/Amanda Kooser

I was driving down I-40 yesterday
When I hit a sparrow with my car
I heard its wings break on the windshield
I watched it fall away
Fall away, fall away

As the light of dusk lingers
And the days grow longer
You’re no longer so heavy in my heart
Like feathers falling apart

I found a quiet day in Magdalena
With my back in the shade of a red rock wall
I heard the ghosts of lead ore miners
Their voices never quite fade away
Fade away, fade away


I’ve got all this metal tangled around my fingers
one night is longer than all the days
there’s a power in the longing and the sorrow
And you never, you never quite fade away

You’re no longer so heavy in my heart
Like feathers falling apart

Louisiana 2005

Written By: Edith Grove/Amanda Kooser

2005 New Orleans was washed out to sea
The levees were rubble and coffins floated down the street
The city was a lake and the Pontchartrain set free
Came back to claim the land like it used to be

Have you ever seen the Mississippi all broken open?
Running over like a pot boiling on the stove
Baby, I saw your street on the midnight news
I saw your wet old dog standing on the roof

I’m not one to want to worry about God
But if the lord makes the rain, why’d he have to make it so hard?
Hold your breath and pray for dawn

President Bush looked out from the skies
Shook his head and said, pilot, fly on by
Let all them poor folk climb for higher ground
Let the streets fill up with the bodies of the drowned

I remember sitting on your porch in Algiers Point in summer
With the ferry lights sparkling from across the river
Our drinks sweating and us laughing into the night
Now sweet New Orleans is flooded red in the morning light



Full Albums:

2009 - Days of Rain

2006 - Highway of Diamonds

2003 - Cravin' Love for Blazin' Speed

Set List

A typical one-hour or two-hour set list will include mostly original songs with an occasional new take on cover songs like Dead Flowers or Long Black Veil.