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""...exciting, fresh, clever if not brilliant powerpop...""

...exciting, fresh, clever if not brilliant powerpop...fantastic, energizing, fully realized compositions with more hooks than Col. Blake's fishin' hat... - Cosmik Debris

""Crunchy guitars, super catchy melodies, compacted harmonies...""

Someday in the future, when the encyclopedia includes an entry for Power Pop, it will use Ed James as an archetypal example. Crunchy guitars, super catchy melodies, compacted harmonies...Ed combines the best of '60s and '70s pop and makes it sound contemporary. - Optional Art

""Loads of hooks, lots of harmonies, and high quality songs...""

Loads of hooks, lots of harmonies, and high quality songs...Ed James is gathering more and more attention these days, and it is all very well deserved! - Popbang

""...way MORE than simply impressed...""

...pop, rock, and even pop-rock at its hookiest, happiest, harmony-drenched
finest...you can count me as way MORE than simply impressed, and I just bet
you all will be too. - In Music We Trust

""...you won't forget them...""

...almost every song seems like it's shot out of a cannon, and the melodies are so immediate that you won't forget them even after one listen... - Amplifier Magazine

""...big pop songs...""

...big pop songs, chockfull of hooks, power-chords and heavenly harmonies... - Torpedo

""Everything here is instant gratification...""

It’s almost as if Ed himself visited my house, went through my CD collection and pulled bits and pieces from everything, threw it in a blender and this disc came out. Everything here is instant gratification, yet after a dozen or so listens, it felt as fresh as the first time out. Nice job. - SFK

""...hook after hook...""

James is one of those tunesmiths that seems to effortlessly be able to knock out hook after hook, melody after melody, and catchy chorus after catchy chorus... - Shake It Up

""...Highly recommended...""

If you want influences or reference points, take the Beatles, the Bangles, XTC, et al; but James is already turning heads by delivering exceptional songs of his own. Highly recommended. - Gajoob

""...delectable harmonies...""

Ed James...fashions intricate, hooky power pop stuffed full of delectable harmonies... - Graffiti


Solo CDs:
...In The 21st Century (Jam/Jealousy/Ed James Music) - 2007
Big Time (Jealousy/Jam/Ed James Music) - 2004
Poprocket (Jam/Ed James Music) - 2002
Meet Ed James! (Air Mail) - 2001
Meet Ed James! (Jam/Ed James Music) - 1999

Charlotte Pop Fest 2008 (Indienink) - 2008
Sweet Relief (Jam) - 2007
Hi-Fi Christmas Party, Vol. 2 (Vandalay) - 2006
This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio (Jam) - 2005
Planet of Popboomerang - A Global Pop Compilation (Popboomerang) - 2005
This Is Sparklefest (Sparklefest) - 2003
Wizzard Brew - A World Wide Pop Compilation (Wizzard In Vinyl) - 2002
International Pop Overthrow Volume 5 (Not Lame) - 2002
Unearthed (Fossil) - 2001
Pop Under The Surface, Vol. 4 (Yesterday Girl) - 2001
International Pop Overthrow Volume 3 (Not Lame) - 2000
Burnt Marshmallows & Teeny Bikinis (Optional Art) - 2000
Unsound Series Volume 1: Pop! (To M'Lou Music) - 1998
Pop Under The Surface, Vol. 1 (Yesterday Girl) - 1997
Bam Balam Explosion Vol. IV USA Power Pop Compilation (Bam Balam) - 1997
Browser Barbarians (DMR Diversions) - 1997

Jetset Tribute: Do You Want To Be In The Show? (Twist) - 2009
Fools Rush In: A Tribute to Rick Nelson (Jealousy) - 2009
Beautiful Escape: The Songs of The Posies Revisited (Burning Sky) - 2008
Sensory Lullabies: The Ultimate Tribute to Jellyfish (Burning Sky) - 2007
ReadyTributeGo - A Tribute To Butch Walker & Marvelous 3 (Rock Island) - 2007
Jam On Jeremy - A Tribute To Jeremy Morris (Ear Theory) - 2005
What A Concept! - A Salute To Teenage Fanclub (Not Lame) - 2004
It was 40 Years Ago Today - A Tribute To The Beatles (Bullseye) - 2004
He Was Fab - A Loving Tribute To George Harrison (Jealousy Records) - 2002
The Gene Pitney Story Retold (To M'Lou Music) - 2002
Right To Chews - Bubblegum Tribute (Not Lame) - 2002
Are You Ready Steve? - A Tribute To Sweet (Bullseye) - 2002
Fanfields - A Tribute To Toto (Independent) - 2001
I Heart sparkle*jets u.k. (Crab Apple) - 2000
Men In Plaid - A Tribute To The Bay City Rollers (Bullseye) - 2000
A Tribute To The Left Banke (Brobdingnagian) - 1999
Around The Universe In 80 Minutes - A Tribute To Klaatu (Bullseye) - 1999

Guest Spots:
Tim Anthony - The Happy Door (Jealousy) - 2005
Jeremy - Lost And Found (Jam) - 2004
Michael Riesenbeck - Shouting Silence (Perris Records) - 2004
The Saving Graces - Outside Guiding Lights (Paisley Pop) - 2004

Rodent's Revenge - 2005
Working Stiff - 2004




Ed James...just a guy on a mission to write the perfect song. He loves a hook...and believes that great melodies and harmonies make the world go 'round.

Mr. James began his music career at the age of 2, beating the crap out of pots and pans on the kitchen floor. He became the drummer of his first rock band when he was in the 5th grade. Fast forward to the present...and somewhere along the way, Ed earned a Bachelor's degree in music, released 4 solo records, and had his tunes featured on VH1, NBC, independent films, as well as a bunch of compilation & tribute CDs. His latest record, "...In The 21st Century", is now available.

Ed's songwriting style is heavily inspired by his heroes (The PSS- Perfect Songwriters Society): the Beatles, Fountains Of Wayne, Andy Partridge, Jason Falkner, and Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.

Also a dynamic live performer, Ed has thrilled audiences at music festivals in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Chapel Hill.