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This one horse town

Written By: Ed Mc Dade

This One Horse Town
Ed Mc Dade c. 2010

I live in a one horse town, with all my family and friends around.

Work down at the lumber yard, sometimes the work is easy, sometimes it’s hard.

One horse town, painted sky, yellow moon, hot summer night.

And I’m sittin’ on my front porch, sippin’ an ice-cold beer,

I can see it all from here in this one horse town.

Got a buddy in Afghanistan, fightin’ a war in that far off land.

What it’s all about, don’t really know. I hope and pray, he makes it back home.

I keep my money in the local branch. I know the tellers and the president.

They’ll never touch a credit default swap. They may be small, but solid as a rock.


I know my neighbors and I know my kin. I can always count on them.

If I get stuck and I need some help, I won’t have to do it all myself.